Olivia L.


Can relocate

17 years of live-in care experience

About Olivia L.

I have been working in care since 1995 and it is the best and most rewarding job to me. I started caring for my father in Ghana and when I came back home to London I decided to provide this service to people here. I have worked both in a residential home and in private homes. I am a people centred person who always listens to the clients and pays attention to details. I am a conscientious worker and a credible team player with a high degree of adaptability towards performance requirements. In the course of seeking both personal and professional development, I have pursued and achieved various training and qualifications. I have experience working with Stroke, Dementia, Palliative Care. Provided support with hospital appts, insulin, check blood pressure/sugar, Stoma, personal care, hoisting and transferring, commode, dental care. All these years covered all aspects of daily living, House keeping, cooking, administering medication and support out in the community. My role in healthcare has never been just a job for me, I really enjoy working directly with people. especially on a one to one basis where I have the time to build a good relationship, offer 100% support and make a difference in their lives. I find it very beneficial for families and is the reason I prefer to work in private care. I also find that the relationship can be rewarding for both parties. For me, it is not only about helping others but I have learned how to really communicate with people. I take my work very seriously but also promise to bring along a smile and a sense of humour. In my spare time I like reading, cooking, and meeting new people. I am available for a live-in care place.

Ok with cats or dogs


Hometouch client - HG


“Olivia has now been with us for two years and is valued beyond measure. Olivia's support and flexibility is much appreciated and continues to be so. As well as her care responsibilities, her presence also makes it possible for me to maintain the house from 150 miles away, including dealing with deliveries, tradesmen, fixes and so on. Olivia does all the housekeeping, shopping and cooking and is wonderfully organised. It also means that when I or my sister visit, we can be daughters rather than carers - and that is how my mother wants it to be. Her tact and kindness has been much appreciated with the recent addition of new gadgets, a riser recliner chair and a 'just in case' fall alarm. These extra items are to help my mother continue to be safe and comfortable in her own home where she wants to be - but as she knows and so do we, that would simply be impossible without Olivia. We are grateful for every day and hope this arrangement will continue for a long time.”




Doing Errands

Doing Laundry

Dressing and Undressing

Driving Licence

Driving Licence (with Car)

Eating and Drinking Assistance

Medication Prompting

Moving and Handling

Overnight Care

Personal Grooming and Hygiene


Wheelchair Assistance


Has a driving license and a car

Has driving licence

Signature dish:



Alzheimer's Dementia





Cerebral Palsy





Insulin dependent (Type 1) Diabetes

Learning Disability

Motor Neurone Disease

Multiple sclerosis

Non insulin dependent (Type 2) Diabetes

Orthopaedic Injuries


Parkinson's disease

Physical Disability

Spinal Injury


Terminal Illness

Traumatic Brain Injury

Vascular Dementia

Visual Impairment




Reading, cooking and socialising.

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