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The level of care that your loved one needs,

or whether you’d prefer their care to be fully managed by us, will determine which service is the right fit.

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There are two ways to manage the provision of care to someone who is in need of support from a carer. These are called Regulated and Introductory.

Introductory care

Our introductory service helps you find the best carer and gives you full control, affordability and flexibility.

  • Search for and view approved carers online
  • Communicate directly with carers via our secure messaging system
  • We help you find, shortlist and choose your carers - if you need
  • Create and manage your care plan online
  • Review bookings and billing information
  • Stay informed with your care journal
  • Full PPE included
  • Carer meals included
From £1250 per week

Regulated care

If your care needs are complex, or if you would prefer a fully managed service, regulated by the CQC, then our regulated CQC live-in care service will give you total peace of mind.

All of the benefits of introductory care plus:

  • Fully managed clinical service
  • Access to our multi-skilled clinical team comprising of registered nurses, mental health first aider and healthcare professionals
  • Dedicated care account manager
  • Face to face assessment
  • Personalised carer matching process with you choosing your main carer
  • Bespoke person-centred care plan curated by our in house clinical team
  • Activities to support mental health and wellbeing
  • Remote access to your care plan to review daily updates via an app
  • Regular check-ins and reviews of your care plan and carer
  • Emergency cover
  • Dignified approach to end of life care
From £1500 per week

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Regulated care

Our fully managed live-in care service offers best-in-class support across a wide range of conditions.

As well as benefiting from our in house nursing and dementia specialist expertise, you will have access to our most experienced carers.

We’ll also visit your loved one’s home, conduct a face-to-face care and risk assessment, prepare a care plan and ensure it is updated regularly by our in house nursing team, with oversight from our in-house doctor.


Quality, transparency and trust are fundamental to everything we do at hometouch. This is why we are proud to offer a fully regulated service inspected by the Care Quality Commission, independent regulator of health and social care in England.
Our CQC live in care is available for everyone in the UK.

Is the regulated service available for all types of care?

Regulated care is available nationwide for clients booking more than 20 hours a week for hourly care and 3 days a week for live-in care. A regulated service is also only available if all carers are provided through hometouch due to the supervision requirements. Companionship type levels of care cannot be regulated.

What does hometouch offer as part of regulated care?

The hometouch clinical team will assess the care needs of a care recipient, create a care plan and work to find a carer that can meet the needs of the care plan. The hometouch clinical team will then oversee the care delivery, working with the carer to ensure the care standards are maintained. Regular in-person supervision and monitoring visits will be conducted to track that care delivery meets the continuing needs of the client. Your carer(s) will update the care journal system daily, providing you updates on care delivery, while our clinical team will also monitor journal entries to detect any changes to a care recipient condition. Access to the carer messaging system. Your care manager is also on hand to create the care contracts for you, accurately recording care sessions that are delivered. They are also on hand to assist with any issue you may have through the lifetime of your contract.

What is not offered as part of regulated care?

As hometouch manages the complete delivery of regulated care, all carers must be sourced from hometouch. We will be unable to offer a regulated service if you are working with carers from another provider or employing carers privately. Regulated CQC live in care is only applicable for personal care, we will be unable to offer a regulated service if the level of care required is only ‘companionship’. hometouch carers are still self-employed under the regulated model, we will make the best matches for you based on our understanding of the care requirements but cannot guarantee a particular carer. This also applies to periods of cover and absence.

Do you provide backup in the event of holiday or illness?

Yes, in the even of an unplanned absence we will endeavour find a similarly skilled carer as soon as we can.

Can I switch between introductory and regulated care?

Yes, this is possible depending on how your needs change of over time. If for example, a loved one was discharged from hospital following a fall, a managed CQC live in care service may be suitable for the first few weeks. Once more settled, the introductory model with one dedicated carer could be appropriate for your needs.

Introductory care

Introductory care is when a company, such as hometouch, introduces someone in need of care to a carer. The management of that care is then between the care recipient, the carer and anyone who may also be involved in the wishes of a care recipient – such as a next of kin. hometouch does not directly manage introductory care.

Our award-winning introductory model of care has provided more than 500,000 hours of care to families across the UK since 2015.

Hometouch was founded by an NHS dementia specialist to give families choice, transparency and control over their care and to help build a relationship with the carer directly – so an emphasis on continuity is paramount.

The CQC does not regulate introductory models of care, but we apply the same rigorous standards of carer selection and vetting.

What are the benefits of hometouch's introductory model?

You can choose your carer and have complete control over which carer provides the care. We provide the tools for you to manage this relationship. You can be assured that the carer has been thoroughly vetted, is well paid and is motivated to provide the best care to you or your loved one

Is introductory care right for me?

The introductory model of care works best when you are comfortable managing your loved one’s care. Due to introductory regulations, hometouch cannot be involved in the management of introductory care. If you require more assistance managing rotas, have complex needs, or want more clinical oversight from our in house team, we would recommend our regulated service. hometouch does not manage introductory care directly.

What does hometouch offer as part of introductory care?

While hometouch will not manage the care directly we are here to support the delivery of care. You will have access to our database of checked carers allowing you to select the carer you believe is the best match for your needs. You will be able to communicate with carers across our secure carer messaging system, providing an auditable record of communication between carers and clients. You can create care contracts directly with carers, identifying care sessions required and only paying for those sessions. You will only be charged for care sessions that have been accounted for in the care scheduler. You will have access to the hometouch care journal, allowing you to see the carer recorded actions and outcomes of each care session. Our team of care managers is also on hand to offer support, including using our systems to manage your care. Please note that they can only advise rather than make recommendations.

What is not included as part of introductory care?

hometouch cannot be involved in the management of introductory care. homtouch cannot maintain a rota of introductory carers for a client. Clients will need to inform hometouch of any carer absence and then we can help find a replacement carer if required. hometouch cannot remove or replace a carer without client guidance. hometouch can only ever act under the authority of the client and within our introductory care terms and conditions. hometouch cannot provide emergency cover in the case of unforeseen carer absence. Our team can assist in finding an alternative carer as quickly as possible, but we cannot guarantee a seamless transition. hometouch cannot be liable for any disagreement between carers and clients. Our team are here to assist with disputes, but we can only support if we are informed at the time. If we are not informed until after an event we will adhere to our introductory care terms and conditions.

What happens if my carer goes on holiday or is sick?

We will endeavour to find a replacement as soon as we can.

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