Rose N.


Can relocate

4 years of live-in care experience

About Rose N.

I like to make sure the client is in the centre of their care so any activities/tasks bring them enjoyment or benefit them in some way. Any activity or task they are going to take part in should be for their benefit entirely. I aim to involve the person in their own care in a way they are capable to; setting small obtainable goals to help keep the mind stimulated and give a sense of independence and responsibility in their own lives. I think this is really important for someone's wellbeing to feel like they have control over themselves and their surroundings. It's also important that someone understands why some tasks may benefit them, even if they don't enjoy them- such as taking medication, having to go to physiotherapy, doctors or other specialist appointments, personal care routines etc. I always make sure the person understands why a task or activity is important and will answer any questions they have. I believe looking after someone's mental wellbeing directly effects their physical wellbeing and health so a holistic approach to someone's care had all round benefits. I am a friendly, confident and approachable person and I like to make people feel at ease so I make sure I communicate clearly and effectively. This means everyone is clear on any tasks or activities that are needed to help people to plan and anticipate anything they need to do. Planning helps minimise any surprise which can unsettle and upset people that like routine. Similarly, I also know the importance of being flexible and prepared for plans to change in certain circumstances so I am also equipped with skills to allow me to help manage peoples expectations and support someone through any negative feelings they may have such as anger, frustration or fear. I am comfortable supporting a person with mobility, working with them, their families, their doctors and any other professionals to get an adequate level of support for them. I am confident using hoisting equipment.

Ok with cats or dogs


Hometouch client - CS


“Rose has been fantastic. She is so caring and kind to our Mum, we couldn't ask for any better care. Rose has a very loving heart and we appreciate all that she has done for Mum.”

Family Members R.P and E.P


“Rose provided exceptional live-in care to my Aunt, supporting her right to the end of her life. Her unwavering dedication and compassion were truly remarkable. Rose consistently ensured that my aunt's physical and emotional needs were met, maintaining her comfort and dignity. Her attentiveness in administering medications and managing daily routines was exemplary. Rose's genuine companionship brought immense solace the family.”




Dressing and Undressing

Eating and Drinking Assistance

Medication Prompting

Moving and Handling

Personal Grooming and Hygiene


Signature dish:




Alzheimer's Dementia








Insulin dependent (Type 1) Diabetes

Learning Disability

Mild cognitive impairment

Non insulin dependent (Type 2) Diabetes

Orthopaedic Injuries


Parkinson's disease

Physical Disability

Rheumatoid Arthritis


Spinal Injury


Terminal Illness

Traumatic Brain Injury

Vascular Dementia

Visual Impairment





I like cooking, or engaging with different activities, swimming, outings gardening, I like any flowers activities cleaning as I have a experience background from hospitality, industry.

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