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There are a number of medications available that can be used to slow the advance of dementia and limit its symptoms. While your loved one’s doctor can find the right treatment, that’s only part of the picture. Our expert dementia care helps support your loved one’s wellbeing in other ways – helping them live safely, happily and with dignity in their own home. Here are a few ways hometouch carers can support your loved one with tailored live-in care.

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Staying social

Having an active social life can provide your loved one with a range of benefits, and boost their overall quality of life. People who regularly interact with others tend to be less depressed and more mentally alert. Isolation can depress mood and cognitive function. Day-centres, religious groups and societies and can all be enjoyable and therapeutic. Whether it’s a trip to the bingo hall or a game of Scrabble, our hometouch carers can help maintain your loved one’s social life – and even broaden their horizons.

Maintaining routines

Keeping to the usual structure of the day can improve the function of people with dementia. Familiar places and patterns are reassuring and there’s evidence that they can help maintain cognitive abilities and increase wellbeing. With hometouch, your loved one can keep their own routine, rather than adapting to a care home schedule – which means they can enjoy their favourite TV programme, or eat at their usual time.

Relearning skills

Just because someone with dementia has forgotten how to brush their teeth or carry out simple tasks doesn’t mean there is no way back. By building on a person’s abilities and strengths, hometouch carers can help those with dementia maintain and relearn skills.

Eating well

There’s evidence to suggest that switching to a Mediterranean diet may reduce the risk of memory loss. It’s a diet with lots of fresh produce, fruit and veg, fish, pulses, nuts, seeds and healthy fats. Antioxidants are chemicals that can protect the brain from damage, they can be found in green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, citrus fruits and berries. Our carers can help your loved one with their nutrition to keep them happy and healthy.

Keeping fit

Exercise may prevent dementia and slow the progress of the condition. In research, living an active life, exercising regularly and building leg muscle strength were all linked to better mental function with increasing age. Whether it’s some gentle stretches or a stroll round the park, our carers can ensure your loved one is getting the exercise they need.

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