What is complex care?

Complex care is the provision of care for people with needs requiring specialist skills and attention. The requirements of complex care can vary widely, from airway management for someone with a neurological condition to hoists and lifts for a patient with a spinal injury.

It can include any of the following:

  • Spinal injury
  • Acquired brain injury
  • Neurological conditions
  • Respiration or airway problems
  • Mental health issues
  • Learning difficulties
  • Severe mobility issues

Can I get funding for complex care?

In England and Wales, people with complex care needs might be eligible for government-funded care, known as ‘continuing healthcare’ or CHC. In order to access this funding, the patient must be referred by a GP or other healthcare professional to a multidisciplinary team (MDT) made up of doctors, nurses, psychiatrists and social workers.

This team will assess the level of need to see if it is serious enough to qualify for continuing healthcare. MDTs use a CHC checklist to assess 12 different areas such as mobility, cognition and communication in order to make their decision. To find out more about the decision-making process, read our piece on the CHC decision support tool.

How hometouch can help provide complex care

Whether you’re privately funding care, or have a personal health budget, we can help find carers with the right skills and experience to meet your loved one’s care needs. We can adapt to an existing care plan, or work with our medical staff to create one. We’ll even provide training for carers and support workers to ensure they’re well equipped to handle even the most complex scenarios.

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Our service for healthcare professionals

hometouch is committed to working together with commissioners to develop a partnership that provides consistent care for elderly people with complex needs. With a flexible and person-centred approach, we work together with family carers, health services, and family care providers to ensure that there is excellent care, with no gaps or fragmentation of service.

We work with CCGs and local authorities to provide expert support anywhere in the country. We’re already working alongside a number of NHS trusts, using our clinical knowledge to provide sustainable and safe care, and we’d be happy to help your organisation too. We specialise in working with case managers on complex care cases. hometouch is a simple solution for arranging quality care for your client. Speak to our Partners team to find out more.

Sourcing healthcare? Partner with us.

We’ve formed partnerships with healthcare professionals across the country. If you’re a case manager, CCG representative or part of a discharge team, we’d love to hear from you.

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