What kind of care is right for me?

Care generally falls into one of three types: live-in, visiting and residential. At hometouch, we specialise in providing exceptional live-in care, as we believe there are a number of advantages to providing dedicated one-to-one support in someone’s own home.

Live-in care

Live-in care, also known as domiciliary care or home care, involves a carer or support worker staying in the home of the care recipient. Live-in care allows your loved one to retain their independence, and remain in familiar surroundings. From companionship care all the way to round-the-clock complex care, a live-in carer can provide one-to-one support in your loved one’s own home.

Visiting care

Visiting, hourly or ‘drop-in’ care is care provided by a carer visiting the care recipient’s home at specific times. This can involve help getting up in the mornings and getting into bed at night or help with feeding at mealtimes. Visiting care can be a great choice if having a live-in carer isn’t an option.

Residential care

Residential care is the name for relocating the care recipient to a care home. While there are some advantages to residential care, such as socialisation with other residents, there isn’t the individualised support available with live-in or visiting care. Residential care can be more expensive and lacking in flexibility and person-centred care.

How hometouch offers bespoke care

Care isn’t one-size-fits-all. That’s why we offer three different levels of care, each based on clinical need. Our experts will conduct a care assessment to make sure your loved one gets the right level of care.

Companionship care

Companionship care is the term for care that doesn’t involve significant clinical need. This kind of care focuses on improving quality of life through social support and company. It’s suitable for people with some mild frailty, memory loss or cognitive impairment.

Companionship care from hometouch begins at £850 / week

Intermediate care

Intermediate care is the next step up in complexity from companionship care. It’s well suited for people who require some mobility assistance or help with incontinence, and those with moderate clinical need.

Intermediate care from hometouch begins at £1050 / week

Complex care

For those with complex care needs or an advanced medical condition. This level of care involves full personal care or waking care and significant procedures, for example use of hoists or complex incontinence assistance.

Complex care from hometouch begins at £1200 / week

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