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If you live in Enfield, we can find the perfect live-in carer for you. At Hometouch, we provide quality live-in services for people suffering from dementia and other health issues. Our carers are carefully picked and well-trained to ensure the highest levels of security and quality of their services. We take into consideration your requirements and match the carer with your loved one based on their personalities and needs.

Gathering feedback is very important for us. We see thousands of families in the UK benefit from our service. Now you can join them - get in touch with a Hometouch Care Advisor and find information about all the ways we can help you.

Quality Live-in Care Services At Hometouch

Hometouch was founded by an NHS expert on dementia, Dr Jamie Wilson. His goal was to provide help for people that needed it - dementia patients and the elderly who struggled with the challenges of living independently.

Our live-in care services include specialist dementia care, post-operative care, palliative and end-of-life care, respite care or companionship. We're proud of the service we offer, but don't just take our word for it – we're rated five stars on Trustpilot, and nine out of ten Hometouch clients would recommend us. Call a Hometouch Care Advisor to find out more about how we can help your loved one.

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A Quality, Affordable Live-in Care Agency in Enfield

Taking care of the people we hold near and dear to our hearts can sometimes pose various challenges. Hometouch can provide your loved one with individual care. An experienced live-in carer will assist your loved ones in every way they require it.

From preparing nutritious meals to medications administration, our professionals are a great support for your family members that can gain back some of their independence. It's worth knowing that although the carer is staying on-site, it's often a cheaper solution than a residential home.

You can get more information about the costs of live-in care on our page on understanding the cost of care. At Hometouch, it's our priority to provide the best possible care for people who want to stay in their homes and live happily in later stages of life. Contact a Hometouch Care Advisor today to get all the answers to your questions.

What Types of Home Care Are Available with Hometouch?

24-hour live-in care is one of the types of home care that we provide in Enfield. The field we specialise in is dementia care which gains more relevancy due to the rise in older people affected by this condition. Dementia is a serious illness, but thanks to our thorough vetting process, all the carers are well educated and prepared to care for people suffering from it.

Like we said above, Dementia care requires specific skills and training, and it's because of the particular symptoms of the condition that often may lead to confusion, feeling of distress, memory problems, speech issues, and more.

Hometouch offers many different solutions for families in the UK. Now you can focus on what's most important - being there for your loved ones. A live-in care system for people with dementia is an interesting alternative to dementia care homes.

Domiciliary Care in Enfield

Live-in care is not always the right answer. Some families need short-term assistance or help for just a few hours a day. For those, the best option would be domiciliary care. In this care model, carers visit their clients at home to provide them with help. This could be the support in meeting basic needs, like washing and dressing, food preparation and assistance with personal care.

Most of the private carers in Enfield are self-employed. They either work independently or through an introductory agency. With us, you are able to benefit from various types of care available, including nighttime care, respite care, Parkinson’s care, and companionship care.

Respite care in Enfield: How does it work?

For situations when the carer needs to take some time off, like vacation days, respite care is something we provide for families. This system lets us fulfil the needs of our clients with the help of substitute carers. It can be a great alternative to short term residential care in Enfield too.

A different variant of respite care is when round the clock supervision is required. This is what we call a respite live-in care, and it's something you can find in our offer. Respite live-in care lasts typically for a minimum of one week.

Elderly Care in Enfield

If you're looking for an alternative to nursing homes in Enfield, live-in care services are something worth your consideration. Trained elderly care professionals are able to provide your family with adequate support on-site.

This is not only convenient for your family member in need. This type of care assures the personal approach and ability to create a bond between the carer and their client, which promotes better conditions for mental health and gives them the space to work better with mutual respect.

Common issues that come with older age are frailty, mobility constraints, loneliness and multiple medical conditions. This is why looking for support outside of our own family could be a good step towards getting the help you and your loved one need.

The carer can help your loved one with many activities such as medication management, driving clients to appointments, and companionship, which is particularly important for the elderly who live alone.

Care Homes in Enfield or Live-in Care?

When looking for the best care for your family member, you can decide on two main types of 24-hour care: residential and live-in care. The first solution requires your loved one to move to the residential facility. This can sometimes be a very stressful event for a family member with pets or a spouse.

Live-in care gives them more freedom. Your loved one can live in their home in the best conditions possible. Often it is also a more affordable variant of care. As you can see, there are many benefits to live-in care and that is why this solution is a great alternative to residential care.

You can learn more about care homes in Enfield and live in care as an alternative from our other articles.

Do You Want to Work as a Carer in Enfield?

We have gathered all the essential information about the live in care jobs in Enfield, on our website, as well as the information about the recruitment process and everything you may want to know about your application.

"The carer came into my life and gave me peace of mind and also practical help. She stabilised our routine and helped us find our new normal. She was excellent – caring and flexible. I can't recommend this service highly enough for anyone in need."

What is live-in care?

Live-in care is when a carer lives with the person receiving care in their home. From companionship care all the way to round-the-clock complex care, a live-in carer can provide one-to-one support in your loved one’s own home. This is especially important for people living with dementia, who may become increasingly confused or distressed in unfamiliar surroundings.

A dedicated live-in carer can provide your loved one with more individual care than they’d receive at a residential home. So whether it’s a day out on weekends, or fish and chips in front of the TV on a Friday evening, your loved one can carry on doing the things they enjoy. And because the carer is staying on-site, it’s often cheaper than a care home too. To find out more about the cost of care where you live, take a look at our page on understanding the cost of care.

At hometouch, we help people live happily, safely and with dignity in their own homes. If you think live-in care could be right for your loved one, contact a hometouch Care Advisor today.

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