Customise your loved one’s care with hometouch

Introductory care

Our introductory service helps you find the best carer and gives you full control, affordability and flexibility.

  • Free phone consultation to discuss care needs
  • Daily support and advice from our care team
  • Search for and view approved carers online
  • We help you find, shortlist and choose your carers
  • Create and manage your care plan online
  • Review bookings and billing information
  • Stay informed with your care journal
£850 per week for live-in care

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Regulated care

If your care needs are complex, or if you would prefer a fully managed service, regulated by the CQC, then our regulated service will give you total peace of mind.

All of the benefits of introductory care plus:
  • Fully managed clinical service
  • Dedicated Nurse Manager and 24hr phone support
  • Home visit to conduct a personal assessment
  • Care plan drawn up by our in house nursing team
  • Regular check-ins and reviews of your care plan
  • Regulated by the Care Quality Commission
£1300 per week for live-in care

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Introductory care

Our award-winning introductory model of care has provided more than 500,000 hours of care to families across the UK since 2015.

hometouch was founded by an NHS dementia specialist to give families choice, transparency and control over their care and to help build a relationship with the carer directly – so an emphasis on continuity is paramount.

The CQC does not regulate introductory models of care, but we apply the same rigorous standards of carer selection and vetting.

What are the benefits of hometouch's introductory model?

You can choose your carer and have complete control over which carer provides the care. We provide the tools for you to manage this relationship. You can be assured that the carer has been thoroughly vetted, is well paid and is motivated to provide the best care to you or your loved one.

Is the introductory model right for me?

This model of care works best when one carer can manage your loved one’s care needs. If you require more assistance managing rotas, have complex needs, or want more clinical oversight from our in house team, we would recommend our regulated service.

What happens if my carer goes on holiday or is sick?

We will endeavour to find a replacement within 24 hours. If you require immediate backup, we would recommend our regulated service.
Regulated care

Our fully managed live-in care service offers best-in-class support across a wide range of conditions.

As well as benefiting from our in house nursing and dementia specialist expertise, you will have access to our most experienced carers.

We’ll also visit your loved one’s home, conduct a face-to-face care and risk assessment, prepare a care plan and ensure it is updated regularly by our in house nursing team, with oversight from our in-house doctor.

Quality, transparency and trust are fundamental to everything we do at hometouch. This is why we are proud to offer a fully regulated service inspected by the Care Quality Commission, independent regulator of health and social care in England.

Where is the regulated service available?

Regulated care is available nationwide for clients booking more than 20 hours a week for hourly care and 3 days a week for live-in care.

Do you provide backup in the event of holiday or illness?

Yes, the service is fully supported with same day replacements and a dedicated team to ensure you have full coverage at all times.

Can I switch between introductory and regulated care?

Yes, this is possible depending on how your needs change of over time. If for example, a loved one was discharged from hospital following a fall, managed care may be suitable for the first few weeks. Once more settled, the introductory model with one dedicated carer could be appropriate for your needs.

Get the most out of hometouch

We are here to help you every step of the way, from deciding on the type of care, to choosing a carer, to reviewing your care plan on a regular basis
Care hub
Manage care with your personalised care hub
Care plans
Care plans specific to your loved one’s care needs
Carer library
Full control and flexibility to choose your carer
Care journal
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