Cost of care

Fund care at home with equity release

Equity release could help pay for care at home

Accepting that a loved one needs more care and support at home can be an emotional
and worrying time. Especially when the cost of care is rising. They may be faced with the
dilemma of wanting to stay living in the home they love but without the spare cash to
afford to pay for the help that’s needed.

With equity release they could release some of the money tied up in the value of their
home to pay for help and care. Meaning they could continue living in the comfort of their
own home.

The debt is repaid when the homeowner (or last remaining homeowner, if borrowing
jointly) dies or moves into permanent residential care.

Make a decision with confidence

We’ve teamed up with HUB Financial Solutions to provide specialist equity release
advice. HUB’s expert advisers will explain how equity release could help, as well as
highlight other care funding options.

HUB Financial Solutions have been providing advice for over 10 years. Any products they
recommend are from a panel of carefully chosen equity release providers and they have
access to a range of products at competitive rates. So you can be certain that this is
trusted advice.

HUB will provide all the information needed about how equity release reduces the value
of the estate, and whether any entitlement to means-tested benefits will change, without
any pressure.

There’s no cost for the advice unless the homeowner decides to buy an equity release
product HUB recommend. Then there will be an advice and arrangement fee of £1,100
which can be paid using the money released. The adviser will explain the costs and fees

Equity release isn’t always the best option so, if that’s the case, the adviser will aim to
suggest possible alternative solutions for raising the money needed.

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Available to those aged 55 or over, who own their own home in the
UK, which is worth at least £70,000^.

Call HUB Financial Solutions today, FREE on

0808 223 0531*

^Minimum age, property value and construction criteria varies between providers.
*Lines are open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, excluding bank holidays. Calls may be recorded.