You can choose any of our professional caregivers based in Essex to serve Colchester, Chelmsford, Braintree, Brentwood, and Basildon. Contact us if you a looking for the care services like private live-in care, live-in care for the elderly, live-in dementia care, and many others.

Find an Exceptional Live-In Care Provider

You can receive quality care from our Essex-based caregivers if you live in one of the locations: Chelmsford, Colchester, Southend or Saffron Walden. We connect our best live-in carers with your loved ones to assist them in living independently in happiness, safety, and always with dignity. One of the biggest advantages of our care services is that the elderly stay in their own homes and do not have to adjust to a totally different environment.

Whether you need us by the sea or on London’s doorstep, you are sure to find a perfect match, a caregiver who will tailor the program, physical exercises, and mental activity to suit your needs.

To prove to you that our carers provide the highest quality, they are handpicked and carefully vetted. Moreover, we take your preferences, suggestions, and care requirements into consideration before assigning a live-in carer. Therefore, we prioritise a personalised care plan that ensures your loved one is happy and comfortable with everything. You can tailor your care service to ensure your loved one gets the highest quality care, from companionship to clinically complex support when they can no longer live independently.

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What Is Live-In Care?

A live-in care service is when a caregiver moves in with a person who needs support. You can hire a caregiver to work round-the-clock or provide companionship care, or you can also select hours when one-to-one support is required. This service takes place in the patient’s home, a familiar place where your loved one feels most comfortable. This is especially important for people living with dementia, who may become increasingly confused or distressed in unfamiliar surroundings.

A residential home caters to many patients at once, whereas your loved one receives individual care from a skilled caregiver. There is no strict regime of what to do or when to sleep; in contrast, at home, your loved one can keep doing the same activities as before. Whatever wants or problems live-in carer encounters will be immediately addressed. Even someone simple as watching a favourite movie, painting, or baking together.

Staying on-site with your loved one, live-in care services are also cheaper. You can find out the costs at your location, simply take a look at our page on understanding the cost of care.

Why Choose Hometouch for Live-in Care Service?

A former NHS dementia specialist founded Hometouch to help slow down the progression of dementia which can be done through expert care and support - the two things your loved one needs to live safely and happily at their own home.

Our dedicated team is always ready to assist you, and we only employ healthcare professionals who are experienced and skilled in providing the utmost quality of care and support. Not only you can expect our care providers to help slow down the progression of illness but also help around with household chores if needed.

We are recommended by 9 out of 10 of our clients, Trustpilot features no less than five stars for our services, and we are rightfully rated 9.8/10 on To top it up, we also follow the regulation set by the Care Quality Commission.

We proudly offer a range of quality care services to our current clients and will happily assist you, too. Hometouch’Hometouch’sge starts at £850 / week for companionship care, with more advanced packages available for people with complex care needs. Call a Care Advisor today to find out how Hometouch can transform your loved one’s lifeone’sWhat Other Types of Home Live-in Care Essex Are Available?

24-Hour Care at Home

One of the live-in care services available at Hometouch is 24-hour care at your own home in Essex. We offer other types of support that you can choose for your loved ones. One of them is dementia care in Essex, which is also increasingly common due to the rise in older people affected by this condition. We have specially trained caregivers to provide care for people with dementia as it requires rigorous training the ability to recognise needs and prevent adverse effects of the condition (e.g., wandering, confusion, agitation, etc.).

Our live-in carers are specifically trained to provide help and supervision over the health and well-being of the elderly. Care in your own home from our specialised dementia live-in carers offer an alternative to dementia care homes in Essex and all over England.

Another form of assistance that many can benefit from is overnight care at home or visiting care services. This type of care and support is suitable for care providers who need to take a break. These care services are aimed to provide temporarily live-in support overnight or for a few hours, depending on your needs. This way, your loved ones stay in their own environment.

How Is Domiciliary Care in Essex Different From Other Care Options?

Hometouch understands that you also need a break and attend to your own needs; therefore, we also offer hourly or drop-in care. This is a short visit to your loved one to help out with domestic tasks and also basic needs like washing, dressing, preparing food and assisting with other personal care essentials.

Domiciliary care service is about helping around the house and providing non-physical care. It includes encouraging the elderly to do as many activities as possible and ensuring independent living.

A professional carer who provides private care in Essex is typically self-employed and either works independently or through an introductory agency. There are various types of care available, including night time care, respite care, Parkinson’s care, and companionship care.

Respite Care in Essex: How Does It Work?

Essex respite care is another service available to you. It allows family members who care for their loved ones to take a much-needed break or request short-term residential care in Essex. It is also a fully-managed service that can be requested for a minimum of a week, and it includes round-the-clock supervision.

When caring for your loved one, you shouldn’t ignore your own needs. Therefore, this live-in care service can provide assistance and professional expertise on how to look after the elderly whose health is deteriorating.

Elderly Care Essex

A care service that is also available to many patients who prefer to stay at their own home is elderly care. Here, our experienced live-in carers provide all kinds of support, including frailty, problems with mobility, and companionship.

If your loved one requires special needs, you can easily request personalised care and tailor the service according to the health condition.

Elderly care in Essex provided by Hometouch includes activities such as medication administration, companionship, and driving clients to appointments. This service is also available day and night, and care providers can perform domestic tasks, including shopping for groceries.

How Do Care Homes in Essex Differ From Live-In Care?

As the name suggests, a 24-hour care service will provide high-quality care for your loved one’s needs all day long. A Hometouch caregiver, carefully matched, moved in with your family member to supervise the condition of health and support basic needs daily. A 24-hour caregiver has to be awake throughout the night; therefore, two professionals usually come in rotation.

In contrast, a live-in care service is a professional that moves in with your loved ones and provides all the support and care. However, a person cannot physically stay awake every night to monitor the health of your loved one. This is why you should evaluate your family member’s needs before hiring one of the services mentioned above.

24-hour care in Essex broadly can be divided into residential and live-in care. For more details on care homes in Essex and live-in care as an alternative, please refer to our more in-depth article.

Are You Looking for Live-In Care Jobs in Essex?

If you are looking for live in care jobs in Essex, please review our dedicated page to help you with your application.

"We needed extra care for my Dad and many other care agencies couldn’t help. I found hometouch online and the carer we have is kind, professional and is great with Dad. If we’ve needed to increase hours or change things they have been very helpful. Very pleased with the efficiency of the company."

What is live-in care?

Live-in care is when a carer lives with the person receiving care in their home. From companionship care all the way to round-the-clock complex care, a live-in carer can provide one-to-one support in your loved one’s own home. This is especially important for people living with dementia, who may become increasingly confused or distressed in unfamiliar surroundings.

A dedicated live-in carer can provide your loved one with more individual care than they’d receive at a residential home. So whether it’s a day out on weekends, or fish and chips in front of the TV on a Friday evening, your loved one can carry on doing the things they enjoy. And because the carer is staying on-site, it’s often cheaper than a care home too. To find out more about the cost of care where you live, take a look at our page on understanding the cost of care.

At hometouch, we help people live happily, safely and with dignity in their own homes. If you think live-in care could be right for your loved one, contact a hometouch Care Advisor today.

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