Exceptional Live-in Care in Dorset

From Shaftesbury to Swanage, we've assembled the finest carers across Dorset. So whether you're in Poole, Bournemouth, Lyme Regis or Dorchester, you can be sure of an exceptional standard of care for your loved one anywhere in the sunny South West.

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Our live-in carers are experienced professionals with lots of empathy and training. We perform a rigorous vetting process to make sure we only recruit people that are well prepared and equipped to work in the care system and uphold the quality of service that Hometouch is known for. We have a rating of five stars on Trustpilot and 9.8/10 on homecare.co.uk.

Our Live-in Care Services in Dorset

Hometouch was founded by Dr Jamie Wilson, a former NHS dementia specialist, to help people live in the best possible conditions in their own homes.

We believe in providing exceptional care for all our clients – whether it's specialist dementia care, palliative and end-of-life care, post-operative care, respite care or just companionship. Our live-in carers have empathy and experience to ensure you have peace of mind and that your loved one receives first-class care.

Our prices start from £850 a week for live-in care in Dorset, and we also offer packages for more complex medical needs. We can cover all your loved one's needs, including companionship or clinical support. Such help in providing the best possible care for your family member is often indispensable.

At Hometouch, the process is to match clients with the best carers based on the needs and preferences of your loved one. To get more information about this topic, get in touch with a Hometouch Care Advisor.

24-hour Care at Home And Other Types of Home Care Available in Dorset

There are many types of care in Hometouch offer, apart from 24-hour live-in care Dorset, that are at the disposal of our clients. One of these types of care is dementia care which gains more and more significance due to the rise in older people affected by this condition.

Dementia care requires specific skills and training in carers because of the particular effects of the condition, such as confusion, wandering, and agitation. That is also why quality care is often necessary for our loved ones who struggle with this illness.

Quality care in your own home from our specialised dementia live-in carers gives you an alternative to dementia care homes in Dorset. It's often worth your serious consideration because there are many benefits to live-in care.

Domiciliary Care in Dorset: How Is It Different From Other Care Options?

Domiciliary care is usually carried out in the form of hourly or drop-in home care. This model is suited for individuals that don't require 24-hour care. Hometouch carers provide short visits in order to meet the basic needs of individuals, such as meal preparation, washing and dressing, and assistance with personal care.

In Dorset, private carers are, more often than not, self-employed, which means they either work independently or through an introductory agency. In Hometouch, we offer our clients various types of care, like nighttime care, respite care, Parkinson’s care, and companionship care.

It's our mission to provide families with the best live-in care services as well as other types of services in England. That is why we do a thorough background check on all of our carers to ensure that your family member will get the quality assistance they need.

Respite Care: What You Should Know

We are aware of the fact that everybody needs a break in their job. Respite care gives our carers this opportunity. It's an excellent way to ensure our loved ones will get the help in the time the carer benefits from some time off and in cases when short-term residential care is required.

Respite care lasts typically for a minimum of one week. In this time, the substitute carer takes on the responsibilities of the person who is absent.

Elderly Care in Dorset: Answers to Your Questions

At Hometouch, we hire live-in carers who are trained in elderly care. Our services offer an alternative to residential homes in Dorset, England. Problems with mobility constraints, loneliness, and multiple medical conditions can become too much of a burden for our family members. And we, as a family, are not always there to ensure them with proper care.

Elderly care provided by Hometouch includes activities such as fulfilling basic needs, medication administration, companionship, and helping with driving clients to appointments.

It's worth remembering that mental health is as important as physical health. Live-in care Dorset provides trained professionals to care about your family member with knowledge, experience, and sensitivity. They are a part of your family's support system, in which you don't have to be the sole caregiver for your loved one.

What Are the Main Differences Between Residential Homes and Live-in Care Dorset?

24-hour care is usually divided into residential and live-in care. Residential care focuses on providing individuals with round-the-clock aid within a facility like a residential home. This means that individuals live in the nursing home and are required to move out from their own homes. This often is the source of great stress.

Of course, this might be a good solution for some families, but it's worth remembering that there is some alternative to residential care. This alternative is live-in care.

In this model, it's the carer that moves into the home of our loved one. It's an easier transition, and the quality of services is better. The individual touch and attention are what make the Hometouch a fantastic choice for many families.

Read more about the care homes in Dorset and live-in care as an alternative.

Do You Want to Become a Live-in Carer in Dorset?

Hometouch is a company with an important mission. That is why we're always looking for the best carers in the areas we provide our services in. To learn more about live-in care jobs in Dorset, please review our dedicated page to help you with your application and the recruitment process. We wish to hire enthusiastic, reliable carers, preferably with some experience in caring for the elderly.

"I have been using Hometouch since September 2016 for my Grandmother who has dementia, and I can honestly say they are fantastic … Professional, helpful, and very timely. Exactly what you want. Cannot recommend them enough highly."

What is live-in care?

Live-in care is when a carer lives with the person receiving care in their home. From companionship care all the way to round-the-clock complex care, a live-in carer can provide one-to-one support in your loved one’s own home. This is especially important for people living with dementia, who may become increasingly confused or distressed in unfamiliar surroundings.

A dedicated live-in carer can provide your loved one with more individual care than they’d receive at a residential home. So whether it’s a day out on weekends, or fish and chips in front of the TV on a Friday evening, your loved one can carry on doing the things they enjoy. And because the carer is staying on-site, it’s often cheaper than a care home too. To find out more about the cost of care where you live, take a look at our page on understanding the cost of care.

At hometouch, we help people live happily, safely and with dignity in their own homes. If you think live-in care could be right for your loved one, contact a hometouch Care Advisor today.

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