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Choose from the finest carers in Exeter. We've got excellent live-in carers from across Devon, the South West and nationwide. Whether you're in St Thomas or Topsham, we can provide you with the best home care services in the UK!

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Top-quality care services in Exeter

At Hometouch, we offer tailored live-in support to people with various health conditions and specified needs. We know better than anyone that every human being is different and requires a unique approach to care. With this in mind, we've created an exceptional carer matching system to help you find a live-in carer that will suit your loved one's individual needs.

We'll help you throughout the entire process, discussing your family member's preferences and requirements. Then, based on your answers, we'll provide you with a shortlist of Devon-based carers we believe are the perfect candidates for the job. You'll be able to speak to all of them and then choose the one you believe is the ideal match. And don't worry. We handpick all our carers to ensure they have the training, experience, and empathy to be a reliable and quality caregiver.

To find the perfect carer for your loved one, get in touch with a Hometouch Care Advisor. They will provide you with all the information you need regarding the types of our in-home care services and the carer matching system.

Why choose Hometouch for your in-home care needs?

We have years of experience in the live-in care field, providing thousands of UK families with professional and reliable home care services of the highest quality. Moreover, since we were founded by DR Jamie Wilson, a former NHS dementia specialist, we provide exceptional dementia care. On top of that, Hometouch is regulated by the Care Quality Commission, so you can rest assured we're trustworthy.

Still not convinced? Well, how about the fact that we're rated 9.8/10 on We're also proud of our five stars on Trustpilot, not to mention thousands of satisfied clients throughout England. The numbers speak for themselves. Hometouch is your number one place to find the best in-home carers for your family members.

About Exeter live-in care

Live-in care is precisely what you think it is. It's when a caregiver lives with the person receiving support in their own home. This allows them to provide round-the-clock and more individual care to meet your loved one's specific needs. 24-hour home care is exceptionally vital for people with more severe health issues such as Alzheimer's or various forms of dementia, as they can receive the help they need within familiar surroundings.

However, no matter the type of home care service, they all come with great mutual benefits. First of all, they provide more person-oriented help, so you can rest assured all your loved one's needs are met. Secondly, since a carer is with your family member 24/7, they can carry on with their favourite activities and routines, which can be exceptionally helpful and relaxing. And last but not least, in-home care is often cheaper than a stay in a residential care home. This, however, depends heavily on the type of care service and several additional factors.

Types of personal care services in Exeter

Hometouch provides a vast offer of live-in care services in Exeter. Besides the standard 24-hour in-home care, you can also opt for companionship care, elderly care, disability care, home nursing care, companionship care, and more. In short, at Hometouch, you'll be able to find just the kind of support your loved one requires.

As mentioned, we primarily specialise in dementia care, which requires a much more specified approach than many other forms of live-in care. Carers who deal with patients with dementia need to undergo special training and have a distinct set of skills due to the common effects of the condition, including agitation, wandering, and confusion.

Our specialised dementia home carers offer an excellent alternative to Exeter dementia care homes, allowing your loved one to get more individual support in familiar surroundings of their own home. Care homes can be loud and crowded, which can only amplify confusion and distress in people with various forms of dementia.

What is domiciliary and elderly care?

The case may be that your family members don't require 24-hour in-home care. In this case, you should opt for domiciliary care. It offers a less intensive support option, relying on shorter visits rather than 24/7 care. The point of such visits is to help in various household chores (doing the washing, cleaning, ironing, etc.), meal preparation, aid with running errands, and assistance with personal care.

Elderly care also offers a great alternative to older people's care home facilities in Exeter. Again, elderly care in Exeter is a less intense option, focused primarily on companionship, medication administration, driving the elderly to appointments, picking up prescriptions, etc.

Respite care in Exeter

If, for some reason, your loved one's personal carer is unavailable, be it a family emergency, unexpected illness, or well-deserved rest, Hometouch won't leave you alone. In case of an emergency, you'll be able to get in touch with a respite carer, who will provide support to your family member for a short period. Respite care is a great option when round the clock supervision is required, and it's typically for a minimum of one week.

The cost of Exeter personal care

The cost of live-in care can vary depending on numerous factors. Firstly, as you already know, there are numerous types of in-home care services, with some being more demanding than others. At Hometouch, our prices start at £850 per week for standard companionship care, with more advanced packages available for people with complex care needs.

Besides the type of care service you opt for, the price can also be determined by more specific and complex individual needs. For more detailed information, get in touch with a Hometouch Care Advisor. They will provide you with all the answers regarding our services and costs. This way, you'll be able to estimate how much live-in care for your loved ones might cost.

Exeter residential homes vs live-in care service

You have two options when arranging care for your loved ones in Exeter. You can either opt for personalised in-home care or a residential care home. The difference is in the name, with live-in carers providing support to a person in their own home, and care home means sending your family member to a facility where they would live with other patients.

Both options have their advantages and downsides, which you can discover in more detail by reading our in-depth article on live-in care and residential care.

How to become a live-in carer in Exeter

If you want to join our ranks and become one of our Exeter live-in carers, please review our dedicated page. There, you'll find all the information on how to become a Hometouch carer, as well as help with filling in your application.

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"I used Hometouch to find a carer for my elderly mother. The carer we found was second to none, the highest standard of care was provided."

Our mission at Hometouch is to help people live safely, happily, and stress-free in their own homes. Thanks to our top-quality live-in care services, we make it possible. If you believe personal home care is may be right for your loved one, contact a hometouch Care Advisor today.

What is live-in care?

Live-in care is when a carer lives with the person receiving care in their home. From companionship care all the way to round-the-clock complex care, a live-in carer can provide one-to-one support in your loved one’s own home. This is especially important for people living with dementia, who may become increasingly confused or distressed in unfamiliar surroundings.

A dedicated live-in carer can provide your loved one with more individual care than they’d receive at a residential home. So whether it’s a day out on weekends, or fish and chips in front of the TV on a Friday evening, your loved one can carry on doing the things they enjoy. And because the carer is staying on-site, it’s often cheaper than a care home too. To find out more about the cost of care where you live, take a look at our page on understanding the cost of care.

At hometouch, we help people live happily, safely and with dignity in their own homes. If you think live-in care could be right for your loved one, contact a hometouch Care Advisor today.

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