Covid-Secure Live-in Care

We are taking Covid-19 seriously – here are 6 measures we are implementing for your loved one’s safety. You can find more about the benefits of live in care during Covid-19 here.

Covid secure Live in care

6 steps we are taking during Covid-19

1.Keeping carer rotations to a minimum

Minimising movement during the pandemic is key to ensuring limited transmission of infection. Where appropriate we work with our carers and families to ensure that longer placements are considered. Carers need to have breaks but we look to ensure carers are appropriately quarantined during rest periods.

2.Carer testing prior to new placements

If available and timely, we will try to ensure that carers are tested prior to commencing new placements. We believe this a proportionate approach and helps to safeguard our clients even if the carer is not clinically symptomatic.

Capacity in national testing unfortunately does not always allow for prompt turnaround. Where we cannot access a Covid test for carers through national testing centres, we will look to work with the family to manage risk with rigorous Personal Protective Equipment(PPE) or a private test.

3.Reducing unnecessary visits

Our clinical team are important to our service and ensure that care is being performed correctly and to high standards. However, we also understand anxieties regarding frequent visits to vulnerable and frail individuals who need to shield.

We endeavour to keep visits to a minimum, whilst adhering to our statutory responsibilities to the CQC.

4.Carer quarantine prior to starting new placements

New carers are required to quarantine prior to new placements to ensure risk to our clients is properly mitigated. If they develop any symptoms prior to new placement and do not have a negative Covid test, they will not be able to start work with a new client.

5.Cleaning the home at the beginning and end of placements

Our live in carers understand the risks of Covid-19 and are trained to ensure the highest standards of cleanliness. They will clean the property and key areas at the beginning and end of rotations.

6. National standards of Personal Protective Equipment

Our carers are trained to use PPE including masks and visors where appropriate. We will risk assess with each client and carer to determine the most suitable approach to ensure best practice in infection control.

FAQs on Covid-19 and Live in Care

Can I move my relative from a care home to Live in care

Yes, we have helped with this arrangement frequently in 2020. More advice is provided in this article.

Is live in care safer than residential care during Covid-19?

We strongly believe this to be the case due to the low cross infection risk among carers, the benefits of shielding in one’s own home and the low risk of other vectors of infection such as patients being discharged from hospitals to care homes.

What are the benefits of Live in care during Covid-19?

There are many additional benefits to live in care which are outlined in this extensive article.