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Ramona H.
From  £15/hr
Personal Carer
Vetted & Approved
Essex road
1500+ hours on HomeTouch. 7 years of experience
Day care
Hi my name is Ramona and I live in Islington. I have been working in care for five years. I started caring whilst looking after my son who has severe allergies. I have cared for a range of people with different types of conditions from 45 to 110 years old. My main experience in care work has been domiciliary, which I have been doing for three years. I have worked privately through Age UK and was a live in carer for an elderly lady for three years. I am currently studying my NVQ Level 3 and I can work between the hours of 9 - 7, Monday to Sunday. I look forward to speaking to you.
Stephanie O.
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Personal Carer
Vetted & Approved
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Available nationwide
960+ hours on HomeTouch. 2 years of experience
Driver's Licence
I have worked for the last 23 months supporting a 91 year old client with complex vascular dementia and Alzheimer's disease. His increasingly diminished swallowing capabilities have required him to be fed with only pureed foods and soups all of which I have made from scratch using only fresh organic ingredients. Other than providing personal care I also supported my client to enjoy a family holiday in the French Alps, numerous gallery and museum visits as well as riverside walks and boat trips. I have also worked in partnership with him to restore much of his beautiful landscaped garden. Previously I cared for my mother who was terminally ill with cancer as well as suffering from Alzheimer's whilst at the same time supporting my father who was paralysed from the waist down and partially sighted as a result of a car accident. Both my parents were incontinent and needed assistance with all aspects of personal care as well as household management, cooking and shopping. My father was catheterised. Previously, I have enjoyed a 30 year professional career at Director level in a variety of both adult and children's hospice services. I took semi retirement in 2012 and moved to Spain. I now divide my time between live in care assignments and running an online business. I'm a resourceful and compassionate carer who tries at all times to support a client to live on their own terms supporting them to make the most of each day. I'm patient and comfortable around severe late stage dementias, dysphagia and end of life care. I try to ensure that I am able to engage those I work with in the activities they prefer. I'm in good health and have a good sense of humour. I enjoy cooking and gardening and have used these skills to great effect with clients. I enjoy theatre, films, art, crafts, knitting and sewing. I'm looking for live in care opportunities preferably in London or Bristol but happy to travel anywhere in the UK. I'm available for an immediate start and until the 3rd January, 2018.
Edward P.
From  £12/hr
Companionship Carer
Vetted & Approved
King's cross
110+ hours on HomeTouch. 2 years of experience
Day care
Night care
Available on weekends
I'm a very caring person, always willing to help people and want to make a difference in someone's life. Previously I've been helping an elderly friend who has arthritis and mobility issues. I have provided her companionship and take her shopping, to her local salon in her wheelchair. A good carer has to be compassionate, caring, considerate and kind. Someone who is trustworthy, a great listener, hard working with a positive can do attitude. I love travelling and exploring new places. I love experiencing new cultures, getting to know people. I'm also a fun of long distance running, stamp and coin collecting and photography. I'm available both for day and night care. I'd be happy to provide you companionship, please get in touch if you're interested.
Anna K.
From  £16.5/hr
Personal Carer
Vetted & Approved
King's cross
740+ hours on HomeTouch. 6 years of experience
Night care
Evening Care
I've been caring for mentally ill people in Sweden then moved over to London and continued to work for agencies and private clients. I have altogether 7 years experience, been working with clients with MS, dementia, brain injury, visually impaired, learning disability, lupus, depression, schizophrenia, paranoia and obsessive disorder. I became a carer because I find it very important to look after each other. I have a great understanding and compassion for people, always do my work with a smile and love. In my free time I like to try creative things like sewing. I love reading, watching documentaries, studied music so love sining and I'm also a big animal lover.
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