Lilian O.
From  £20/hr
personal carer
1100+ hours on HomeTouch. 21 years of experience
Day care
Driver's Licence
13 hours left in weekly schedule

DBS check approved

Renewal date: Jun 2018

Speaks English, Italian
Emergency Backup
Has Driver’s License

Please note, unfortunately I'm unable to accept any new clients at the moment. I have been a carer for over twenty years and during this period I gained a lot of experience. I have learned to communicate well and to respect every client and treat them as individuals. I have worked with clients from all sorts of backgrounds and with various kinds of diseases and impairments.

I am a hard working, trustworthy and people-oriented individual, and I have the ability to remain good humoured and calm under pressure. I like to help people to keep or gain their independence and to live happy lives. I treat all my clients with a lot of respect, while bearing in mind any cultural differences.

I love caring for people and entertaining others, and other hobbies of mine are listening to music, going to movies and cooking. I am available for day care. Please feel free to get in touch and we can discuss your needs.

Reviews 2
I know Lilian from 2014 when she started working for my niece as care worker. I was in charge of recruiting and training care-workers for her personal care. I also supervised their work and ensured that my nieces’s care was thorough and smooth. My niece was disabled and suffered from Sero-positive Rheumatoid Arthritis and in 2014 she was on last stages of the severity of her illness. She was bed-bound with no mobility at all. She wastotally dependent on others for all her personal hygiene. Lilian worked for my niece for about 10 months including the training period. Lilian mastered the instructions and followed the protocol with great care and showed a lot of respect for the wishes and at times demands of the client. Lilian was a pleasure to work with, her polite and respectful nature won the hearts of her client and people in the household alike. She was sharing the shift with another carer who had been with us for a comparatively longer time, but my niece was happier with Lilian’s work and just before the change of shift she would request Lilian to do all the essential bits for her before leaving. Lilian used to cook her meals, feed her meals, administer her medication, attend to her catheter, change her clothes, do her hair, brush her teeth and help me in giving her a bath. Lilian was very careful with transferring her from her bed to the bath wheel chair by means of both wall mounted hoists and stand - alone hoist. Lilian rightly deserves the praise for being punctual, she was always on time at her work place and giving my niece her medication etc. on time. We relied on her and she never gave us any reason for complaint. Lilian is a very patient in her ways and gentle in personal care of her clients. I would recommend Lilian very highly particularly in the care of vulnerable people.
Jul 5th, 2017
I know Lilian in her professional capacity as a carer. I first met Lilian over 2 years ago when she started to care for my mother through an agency. After 6 months she became directly employed by my family as a PA for my mother. She has worked as a part-time, night and full time carer for my mother. During all of the time Lilian has spent with us she has always demonstrated total professionalism and complete reliability. She is someone who works diligently and attends to details, and always makes sure the my mothers needs are fully met. She is a trustworthy and conscientious worker. She is able to meet the demands and high standards of care that I have put in place for my mother. Lilian has always been punctual, on the few occasions she has been delayed she has informed me. Lilian has a calm, friendly and very patient manner, she always demonstrates kindness and care. She has the capacity to deal with extreme moods and behaviours providing reassurance and support to both my mother and the family. I would highly recommend Lilian as carer. She has been an invaluable support to my mother (and family) over the last few years. The standard of care that Lilian provides is something that has made a very real difference, she has helped to ease the extremely challenging journey of Alzheimers for my mother and the family.
Jul 5th, 2017
Condition Expertise
Orthopaedic Injuries
Non insulin dependent (Type 2) Diabetes
Alzheimer's Dementia
Multiple sclerosis
Parkinson's disease
Physical Disability
Learning Disability
Eating Disorder
Visual Impairment
Cerebral Palsy
Spinal Injury
Terminal Illness
Vascular Dementia
Doing Laundry
Dressing and Undressing
Personal Grooming and Hygiene
Eating and Drinking Assistance
Medication Prompting
Moving and Handling
Personal Assistance
Attending Appointments
Wheelchair Assistance
Physical Activities
Doing Errands
Entertaining, listening to music, going to movies, cooking
NVQ level 3 in Health and Social Care
NCFE, 2016