Terezia L.
From  £20/hr
personal carer
420+ hours on HomeTouch. 13 years of experience
Day care
Night care
Available on weekends
Evening Care
Good availability

DBS check approved

Renewal date: Apr 2020

Speaks English
Emergency Backup

I am a fully qualified therapist and carer with over 12 years experience. I have worked in many different places such as hospitals, residential homes and the community. I worked for clients with a variety of conditions, including stroke, depression, MS, spinal core injuries, and palliative care. I have also assisted people with learning disabilities.

I am a positive, caring and compassionate person. I’m great listener, practical, and I like to make difference in peoples' lives and to bring a smile to their face.

In my free time I like to do creative things, like writing and drawing. I love reading in coffee shops, playing tennis, walking and cooking. I have a great interest in a healthy life style and I’m also a big animal lover. Please feel free to contact me for an informal chat. I am available to care at all times!

Reviews 2
Terezia was working as a Home Care Support Worker for four and half years and I was her line manager for the majority of that time. Terezia was a dedicated member of staff and part of her role was to support people in their own home in a re-enabling way including completion of personal care tasks, meal prep and support with medication. Terezia was very reliable and her time keeping was good. There were no concerns regarding absence. Terezia was always willing to attend training and supervisions and interacted well at both. Terezia is a very kind person and empathises with her clients offering advice and a sensible no nonsense approach to any problems that may arise. Terezia is articulate and intelligent and enjoys good conversation. I would certainly recommend Terezia as a home carer.
Previous Employer
Jul 5th, 2017
Terezia cared for my elderly mother, who has dementia and some physical challenges, for few weeks, while we were waiting for a place in a Care Home. From the start she established a strong and positive bond with Mum, bringing humour and respect to their relationship from the start. She was always punctual and reliable and communicated with me frequently to keep me updated on mum's needs and well-being. I would thoroughly recommend Terezia, as a carer, she is a real asset and was a great help to us.
HomeTouch Client
Jan 3rd, 2018
Condition Expertise
Visual Impairment
Learning Disability
Traumatic Brain Injury
Multiple sclerosis
Cerebral Palsy
Orthopaedic Injuries
Alzheimer's Dementia
Vascular Dementia
Parkinson's disease
Spinal Injury
Terminal Illness
Eating Disorder
Physical Disability
Motor Neurone Disease
Non insulin dependent (Type 2) Diabetes
Doing Laundry
Dressing and Undressing
Medication Prompting
Personal Assistance
Eating and Drinking Assistance
Moving and Handling
Attending Appointments
Wheelchair Assistance
Doing Errands
Tennis, writing, drawing, reading
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