Stella O.
From  £20/hr
personal carer
670+ hours on HomeTouch. 3 years of experience
Day care
Night care
Available on weekends
Evening Care
Good availability

DBS check approved

Renewal date: Sep 2019

Speaks English
Emergency Backup

Alot of my experience comes from working in hospitals and residential homes as a Health Care Assistant with Bupa.

The support I offered ranged from meeting patients physical and psychological needs, helping clients with feeding, drinking, toileting and dressing. Providing a clean, well-organised and secure patient care environment was also of upmost importance. In this and my other roles as a carer I was responsible for preparing meals, prompting medications and contributing to the health, safety and welfare of individuals.

I greatly enjoy the relationship building aspect of the job, especially forming bonds with clients and thus learning how to care for them better and be more attentive to their individual needs. Being supportive, sensitive and respectful are all what makes me a good carer.

I have a degree in Criminology and Psychology. I enjoy socialising and meeting people. During my spare time I enjoy watching CIS, forensic detective programmes and tennis. I also like ice skating, walking, spending time with my son and keeping fit.

Please let me know if you would like a flexible carer in the Greenwich area. My availability is really flexible, can work days, nights, weekdays and weekends as well (weekend rate is £30/h).

Thank you

Condition Expertise
Non insulin dependent (Type 2) Diabetes
Alzheimer's Dementia
Physical Disability
Learning Disability
Traumatic Brain Injury
Doing Laundry
Dressing and Undressing
Doing Errands
Medication Prompting
Personal Assistance
Attending Appointments
Wheelchair Assistance
Physical Activities
Personal Grooming and Hygiene
Eating and Drinking Assistance
Day Care
Walking, forensics, ice skating, keeping fit
BA Hons Criminology with Psycology
University of East London, 2013
Access to Social Work
Greenwich Community College, 2005