Ellie U.
From  £120/day
personal carer
Notting hill
7800+ hours on HomeTouch. 7 years of experience

DBS check approved

Renewal date: Dec 2019

Speaks English, German, Greek, Hungarian

Please note that due to my current commitments I can not do any immediate start but please do contact me for future enquries.

I've worked as a domiciliary and re-ablement carer in the community for many years. I've done live in in the last 5 years, mostly in Central London. I've assisted people suffering with Parkinson's, MS, dementia, stroke and tetraplegia.

I believe empathy, experience, reliability and trustworthiness make me a good carer. I'm working well with other health professionals and acting fast in emergency.

In my free time I like to read, exercise, walk and cook.

Please get in touch and I'd be happy to discuss your needs.

Reviews 1
For many months Ellie has been caring for my mother who is in her late 80s and suffering from advanced Parkinson’s disease. This means that Ellie has to feed, wash, dress and cook for mum as well as dealing with her toileting needs, monitoring her catheter and administering her medication on time, doing her laundry, cleaning the flat and so on. She does all this with great professionalism, but also with a gentleness as she is genuinely very fond of mum and always wants to make sure she is physically comfortable. Just before Christmas last year, my mother ended up in hospital and daily, for about 3 weeks, Ellie made the hour long bus journey to the hospital in order to arrive ready to feed mum her lunch. She then stayed all afternoon with mum, feeding her again when the evening meal was brought round. She would get a lift home about 7pm with a family member. I can honestly say that if Ellie had not been in the hospital each day to ensure that mum was eating and drinking, I don’t think mum would have survived as the nurses just did not have the time to feed the patients! When mum returned home, Ellie was able to manage the transition and the use of a hoist to get mum out of bed for the commode or to sit in her chair for a while. Ellie also made a great effort to cook food to make mum strong again. Mum has some problems with chewing and swallowing, so Ellie often prepares soups, but with cream added to increase the nutritional and calorific value, which mum needs as she is painfully thin. As my mother is still mentally very bright, but totally physically disabled we also wanted a carer with whom she could engage in conversations. Ellie is an intelligent woman whose spoken English is excellent; she enjoys sharing her opinions and discussing a lot of different subjects. Finally, Ellie is a ‘character’ with a sense of humour. She has always been reliable, trustworthy and punctual. If she has ever had any concerns about mum’s welfare she has been proactive in contacting the nurse or doctor. In short, mum feels that she is in safe confident hands when Ellie is looking after her.
HomeTouch Client
Jun 3rd, 2018
Condition Expertise
Alzheimer's Dementia
Terminal Illness
Vascular Dementia
Doing Laundry
Reading, Exercising, Cooking, Walking
NCFE Level 2 in Understanding End of Life Care
London, 2014