Lucie B.
personal carer
1200+ hours on HomeTouch. 3 years of experience
Driver's Licence

DBS check approved

Renewal date: May 2019

Speaks English, German, Czech
Has Driver’s License

I have looked after people with spinal injuries, a family member with Parkinson's and depression. I really enjoyed providing them with the necessary care that they needed to improve their health. I'm an open-minded person, who enjoys communicating and looking after others.

I'm a very calm, yet happy and strong person, who doesn’t take things personally. I'm a passionate cook, artist and an event organiser with a range of technical skills.

If you like my profile, please send me a message so we can arrange a meeting.

Reviews 1
It is with great pleasure that I recommend Lucie. I know Lucie for many years from a language school she worked at. Lucie also looked after my mother with Parkinson's. Lucie has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility and ambition. She is definitely leader rather than follower. She is a very reliable, friendly and happy person. My mum loved her and they became good friends. I am very happy my mother met Lucy and I can see, she is getting better and safe with Lucy around. I would recommend Lucy and I am sure my mother would too.
Previous Client
Feb 2nd, 2017
Condition Expertise
Learning Disability
Multiple sclerosis
Alzheimer's Dementia
Parkinson's disease
Spinal Injury
Eating Disorder
Doing Laundry
Dressing and Undressing
Personal Grooming and Hygiene
Eating and Drinking Assistance
Medication Prompting
Moving and Handling
Personal Assistance
Attending Appointments
Driving Licence
Wheelchair Assistance
Physical Activities
Cooking, event organisation