Bernadette O.
From  £15/hr
personal carer
160+ hours on HomeTouch. 4 years of experience
Day care
Night care
Available on weekends
Evening Care
Has a car

DBS check approved

Renewal date: Jan 2020

Speaks English, Tagalog/Filipino
Has a Car
Has Driver’s License

Previously I worked in child care for 5 years and as a health care assistant at St Mark's Hospital for 3 years.

I'm responsible, supportive, caring, patient, flexible and always assure that my clients are happy.

I enjoy travelling, socialising with friends, watching films and going out for dinner with my family.

I'm still working at the hospital during the day so my main availability is evenings and weekends.

Looking forward to received your message.

Reviews 1
I'm the unit manager where Bernadette previously worked as a receptionist and now as a Healthcare Assistant. I have known Bernadette for approximately 15 years. Bernadette is a an excellent team player, she gets on with everyone at all levels and is extremely hard working. She's a very reliable member of the team who is never later late and very highly thought of within the unit. I would have no hesitation in recommending Bernadette for this position. She is hard working, kind and very reliable.
Current Employer
Jan 2nd, 2017
Condition Expertise
Visual Impairment
Learning Disability
Physical Disability
Doing Laundry
Dressing and Undressing
Personal Grooming and Hygiene
Eating and Drinking Assistance
Medication Prompting
Personal Assistance
Attending Appointments
Driving Licence
Physical Activities
Doing Errands
Overnight Care
Driving Licence (with Car)