Ellen R.
From  £20/hr
personal carer
1100+ hours on HomeTouch. 3 years of experience
Night care
9 hours left in weekly schedule

DBS check approved

Renewal date: Sep 2018

Speaks English

I have acquired skills as an advocate speaking up for those who cannot speak up for themselves. I am able to collect prescriptions from the chemist, do shopping, cooking, assist in personal care and hygiene, cleaning as well as escorting clients on day trips.

I am able to utilise the skills I have gained through previous experiences.

I have worked in different social care setting as a support worker with parents and children, a home visitor and I worked in residential care supporting people with learning disabilities.

I am caring trust worthy, honest, I present myself well in my appearance, I was born in Hackney London, I have good housing keeping skills I communicate well and I am also a good listener and take good pride in getting my work done.

I am happy to do both days and night cover covering Vauxhall, Stockwell, Oval, Kennington, Wandsworth, Victoria, Pimlico, Clapham, Waterloo and London Bridge. Thanks!

Condition Expertise
Visual Impairment
Learning Disability
Terminal Illness
Personal Grooming and Hygiene
Dressing and Undressing
Attending Appointments
Medication Prompting
Doing Errands
Overnight Care
Films, social activities, it and computers, travel, sport and physical activity, gardening, music, comedies, musuems, walking, parks, visiting family and friends, sightseeing, shopping
Working In Adult Health and Social Care Level 2
Robust Training Centre Walworth Road London SE1, 2012
English City & Guilds Maths
London, 1995