Ramona H.
From  £15/hr
personal carer
Essex road
2000+ hours on HomeTouch. 7 years of experience
Day care

DBS check approved

Renewal date: Jul 2019

Speaks English

Hi my name is Ramona and I live in Islington. I have been working in care for five years. I started caring whilst looking after my son who has severe allergies. I have cared for a range of people with different types of conditions from 45 to 110 years old. My main experience in care work has been domiciliary, which I have been doing for three years. I have worked privately through Age UK and was a live in carer for an elderly lady for three years.

I am currently studying my NVQ Level 3 and I can work between the hours of 9 - 7, Monday to Sunday. I look forward to speaking to you.

Reviews 3
Ramona has been caring for my father, John, since last year and has been amazing. She is, of course, very reliable and professional. But more than that, she is unerringly pleasant and joyful on a day to day basis. We all look forward to her visits - especially my father. She always brightens things up as well as dealing so well with the humdrum and sometimes monotonous duties that carers have to cope with. In the relatively short time Ramona has been caring for my father she has become a part of the team (and family) and we know we can rely on her completely. Ramona is a good organiser and communicator, for instance, if necessary, she will always make sure she picks up some shopping so John never runs out of anything he needs - more reliably so, in fact, than some other members of his family that live in the same house! And, if she thinks there is a problem or something needs doing, she won't hesitate to ring me or my brother immediately. This is great. Unfortunately Ramona herself has recently suffered some personal loss, yet despite this she has remained relentlessly cheerful and professional under quite difficult circumstances. We are all impressed with Ramona and we like her very much.
HomeTouch Client
Mar 3rd, 2018
Ramona was part of a team that provided care for my husband who has advanced dementia. She is a very caring person and made every effort to develop a good relationship with my husband. The team provided personal care and in addition Ramona took responsibility for food preparation: she proved to be an excellent cook. Ramona has a lively outgoing personality and was a popular team member. I am sure she would respond well to taking on individual responsibility for a client as her warm and bubbly personality would endear her to her clients.
HomeTouch Client
Oct 6th, 2016
Ramona was great with my father. She was fun, polite, punctual, flexible, patient and trustworthy. I would definitely recommend Ramona to any client!
Dec 4th, 2015
Condition Expertise
Alzheimer's Dementia
Cerebral Palsy
Eating Disorder
Orthopaedic Injuries
Physical Disability
Spinal Injury
Terminal Illness
Traumatic Brain Injury
Vascular Dementia
Visual Impairment
Attending Appointments
Doing Errands
Doing Laundry
Dressing and Undressing
Eating and Drinking Assistance
Medication Prompting
Moving and Handling
Personal Assistance
Personal Grooming and Hygiene
Physical Activities
Wheelchair Assistance
Films, social activities, travel, sport and physical activity, gardening, painting, it and computers
NVQ Level 3 in Health and Social Care
London, 2016