Eva P.
From  £15/hr
personal carer
3 years of experience
Day care

DBS check approved

Renewal date: Feb 2018

Speaks English, Hungarian, Italian

I have been working as a carer for three years now and I have worked both in care homes and at elderly people's homes. At home I mainly cared for people with dementia and MS, but in the care homes I gained a lot of experience caring for people with various physical conditions. I worked both days and nights, visiting nearly all the clients in care home. I did shopping, cooking, personal care for them and organized appointments in hospitals or any other appointments such as hair dressers.

I am very sensitive to people's feelings, I love enlightening their lives with my positive, always smiley and optimistic attitude. I love seeing in their eyes that I could do something good for them or could just cheer them up. I don't like to see people worried or sad when I leave so I make sure that they're smiling.

I am interested in science, alternative healing, nutrition, hiking and being outside in nature. I'm also interested in digital marketing and social media marketing. I am available from Tuesday to Friday starting immediately. Feel free to send me a message and we can discuss your needs!

Condition Expertise
Visual Impairment
Multiple sclerosis
Orthopaedic Injuries
Alzheimer's Dementia
Physical Disability
Non insulin dependent (Type 2) Diabetes
Doing Laundry
Sciences, Cultures, Digital Marketing, Reiki Healing, Alternative Healing Therapies, Hiking, Cycling, Swimming