Helen F.
personal carer
13 years of experience
Day care
Evening Care
Emergency backup

DBS check approved

Renewal date: May 2019

Speaks English
Emergency Backup

I have over 13 years experience working in mental health support across a wide variety of settings and with a diverse range of individuals ranging in age and backgrounds. This has included supporting people with issues related to their mental health, substance misuse, autism, learning difficulties and physical health concerns. I always take a holistic person-centred approach to care, and listen carefully to the needs of my client to work together towards any goals they may have. I have counselling skills and have also acted in an advocacy capacity, striving to get the best care and support for my clients. I also assist in a caring and compassionate manner around practical support such as appointments, benefits and domestic tasks.

I have a strong academic background including a social psychology degree, counselling training, vocational training and am working towards a masters degree in mental health psychology. Such knowledge and skills increases my ability to aide others and understand the complex causes and treatments for a range of difficulties.

I am compassionate, diligent, kind, intelligent with a great sense of humour, who loves being able to support others.

Apart from my professional career I am also an unofficial carer for a friend, which adds to my empathy around those who need support.

In my free time I love studying, yoga, aerobics, walking my dog, music, cooking, travelling and film.

I'm mostly available in the weekday afternoons. Please message me if you like my profile and would like to arrange a meeting with me.

Reviews 1
I have been Helen's Team Manager for 3 and a half years. Helen was always very dedicated and had great communication skills with her service users. She built very strong relationships with external partners and family. She was also very good with her paperwork and care plans. She has never disappointed me and was always punctual. Her passion about service users and getting the best support care possible made her a very dedicated and honest worker. I would definitely recommend her as a carer.
Previous Employer
Feb 4th, 2017
Condition Expertise
Learning Disability
Eating Disorder
Physical Disability
Doing Laundry
Medication Prompting
Attending Appointments
Physical Activities
Doing Errands
Music, Cinema, Learning, History, Art, Dog Walking, Travel
Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Philosophy
London School of Economics and Political Sciences, 2001
Certificate level 4 in Working with Substance Misuse
Path Learning, 2014
Psychoterapy and Counselling
Regent's College, 2007