Jessica S.
personal carer
Seven sisters
120+ hours on HomeTouch. 1 year of experience
Day care

DBS check approved

Renewal date: Sep 2019

Speaks English, Portuguese, Spanish,

I was born in Portugal but live in London now. In the past months I have been working as a carer for people with different needs, including autism, dementia, and special needs. I also have experience with many more conditions.

I am a caring person that treats everyone with respect and dignity. I have an open personality, always like to meet new people, and I believe this, combined with my experience, makes me a good carer.

I like cooking for myself and other people, reading books, and watching movies.

I'm available from Monday to Friday all day. Feel free to send me a message and get in touch so we can discuss how I can help.

Reviews 2
Jessica has been my care worker for the past 6 months, since mid 2016. She is very pleasant to work with, easy going and makes you feel comfortable. She is very punctual and reliable, and always keeps you updated. Jessica is a very honest and caring person, her sincerity makes it easy to approach and talk to her. She is genuinely passionate about her work, which makes a refreshing change. I would openly recommend her!
Previous client
Jan 1st, 2017
I have known Jessica for the past 5 months as a colleague. She's a wonderful person to work with, she has this positive attitude on her from the moment she starts until the end of the day when she finishes. She has the ability to talk and make people feel as they don't have any problems or issues. Jessica is a very punctual person, she always arrives 10 minutes before her shift starts, she is very reliable even when she's not feeling well she make sure she tries coming to work if she has no one to cover her. She's a caring person, she is the kind of person that if she had a pound left in the wallet till the end of the month she would go and share it with someone that doesn't have. I feel really happy that she was my colleague and part of my life, and I am happy to recommend her to you!
Former colleague
Jan 1st, 2017
Condition Expertise
Learning Disability
Alzheimer's Dementia
Terminal Illness
Non insulin dependent (Type 2) Diabetes
Reading, cooking