Sandy M.
From  £20/hr
personal carer
West finchley
2800+ hours on HomeTouch. 7 years of experience
Day care

DBS check approved

Renewal date: Oct 2018

Speaks English

Hello everyone! I am a fun and bubbly 34 year old who originates from Ireland. I am very proud to be the 'face' of Hometouch since joining them 2 years ago when I first moved to London.

Before coming to London, I worked in healthcare in Australia and Ireland.

I specialise in Alzheimhers/dementia/elderly care and have 6 years experience within residential care, private care and hospitals. I take my work very seriously but I also promise to bring along a smile and a sence of humour.

My role in healthcare has never been just a job for me, I thoroughly enjoy working directly with people. Especially on a one to one basis where I have the time to build a therapeutic relationship, offer 100% support and make a differance in their lives. This, I find is very benefical for families and is the very reason I prefer to work in private care.

I also find that the relationship can be rewarding for both parties. For me, it is not only about helping others but this role has brought out the best person in me, I have learned how to really communicate with people, I've become more socially confident and my level of compassion has heightened. I am appreciated by individuals and their families every day and have built and maintained many friendships, resulting in job satisfaction.

Additionally, I am fascinated with the science of healthcare and how I can help further in this field so I recently went back to school, training for 3 years to be a Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse at Middlesex University.

My course is very demanding, so unfortunately I cannot offer emergency care or offer my services in areas which exceed Finchley/North Finchley.

Thank you for stopping by here and I wish you luck in your search!

Reviews 4
Sandy looked after my aunt over the summer and I can honestly say that she is lovely. Always professional,efficient and reliable. She is very perceptive to people's needs, and my aunt and her immediately got along, a super carer who really cares. We would not hesitate to call on her again.
HomeTouch Client
Sep 3rd, 2017
Sandy M. has been working as a Carer/Companion for my elderly mother since February of this year. She is a remarkable young lady who has a very bright and engaging personality. She has proved herself to be 100 per cent reliable and very flexible in adjusting to my mother's needs. My mother, who is now 100 years of age, has dementia and usually finds it difficult to feel comfortable and communicate with new people. She did, however, take to Sandy immediately and always enjoys her visits. This has continued over the months and I always find my mother more animated, happier and more settled after Sandy's visits. Sandy manages to engage her in conversation and often gets her laughing and singing during her visits. It has been a great support to me to know that my mother is in safe hands with a young lady who obviously understands the plight of a person with dementia and is able to lift my mother's spirits and give her such good care and companionship. Sandy also gives me frequent feedback on her visits and always texts me if she notices any change in my mother's state of mind or health. All in all, I can truly say that Sandy is a real treasure and I feel we are very fortunate to have found her.
HomeTouch Client
Jul 5th, 2017
It was an uphill struggle to convince our 96 year old gran that she needed extra care; but then Gran met Sandy. Sandy has been absolutely amazing. I feel like she has really made an effort to get to know my gran and so the care she gives her is exactly what she needs. On top of giving such good care to gran, Sandy's communication with the family is really good, and this helps us feel really supported by her and not so alone in looking after gran. I really can’t thank Sandy enough!
HomeTouch Client
Oct 1st, 2016
Sandy has been providing regular care for my husband who suffers from Advanced Dementia. She has been excellent in all the many and diverse aspects of her role and has,in my opinion, all the characteristics of a first class carer. She is totally reliable and professional and an excellent problem solver. Her lively,warm and open personality enable her to gain the trust of her client and she brings an essential lightness of touch to the most difficult situation. She is responsive to the fluctuating moods of my husband and always strikes the right note. He does not easily accept people but trusts her absolutely and clearly feels completely secure with her. I have absolute confidence in her.
Ceri, HomeTouch Client
Aug 2nd, 2016
Condition Expertise
Alzheimer's Dementia
Orthopaedic Injuries
Terminal Illness
Vascular Dementia
Visual Impairment
Attending Appointments
Doing Errands
Doing Laundry
Dressing and Undressing
Driving Licence
Eating and Drinking Assistance
Medication Prompting
Moving and Handling
Overnight Care
Personal Assistance
Personal Grooming and Hygiene
Physical Activities
Wheelchair Assistance
Films, social activities, it and computers, travel, sport and physical activity
Health and Social Care NVQ II
Australia, 2014
Business Management NVQ II
Australia, 2013