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12 years of live-in care experience

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In my 6 years of working as a carer i have come across many types of clients that have all required different needs, including people with various dementia, vascular dementia, Lewy dementia and Parkinson's. This has allowed me to become very experienced in the care field along with my background knowledge of field. I'm able to take on various different clients and tasks. I also have stoma management care training, worked with clients who have colostomy bag. I'm passionate about my job and love to help people and giving them motivation. I feel I can do the job with full confidence, take on challenging clients with various different needs. I'm very patient, calm and love listening to people. In my private life I'm an outgoing person who likes to play tennis, go for a swim and play puzzle. I'm available for hourly care or for short term live in (one week on-one week off) for a rate of £120. I also do respite, hospital discharge care, emergency care and overnight stay. Please note that my preference would be female clients who I feel more comfortable to work with. i hope you like my profile and I'd be happy to listen to your needs if you are looking for a carer.


HomeTouch Client


“We were very pleased to have had Anila’s services. My mother had been hospitalised over a prolonged period last summer and Anila provided post-hospitalisation care which was of great value to my mother in her recovery. Anila is very good at what she does, she is amiable, intelligent, efficient and reliable and above all, a good communicator. These are attributes of a carer which are required at a critical times such as that we experienced last autumn.”

Previous Client


“I first met Anila in April this year. My 95 year old grandmother had reached the end stages of her life and unfortunately the existing carers she had were not able to follow our wishes. This meant we had to find new carers at very short notice. After frantically phoning around I found an agency who arranged for me to meet with Anila at my Grandma's flat the next morning. The moment I met Anila all my worries vanished. She was obviously very experienced and absolutely knew how to best care for Grandma in her last few weeks. She treated her with love, respect, kindness and understanding but above all allowed Grandma to have dignity. Anila lived in and looked after Grandma 24/7 even if it meant she had very little sleep. She cooked, cleaned, washed and changed Grandma but also sat with her talking to her and holding her hand so she never felt alone. Anila allowed our family to have complete peace of mind. No one could have cared for Grandma any better. Anila is honest, reliable, hardworking and trustworthy. Qualities that I have found hard to find in others. If your loved one needs caring for I can honestly tell you that you can do no better than Anila. The only regret I have is that we didn't meet her sooner.”

Previous Client


“Mrs. Anila is the most amazing woman I have ever known. In addition to her abilities as a carer, she it both compassionate and has an integrity that is, frankly, beyond measure. Anila was my mother's carer from November 2013 throughout to my mother's death in February 2017. My mother had exhibited the early signs of dementia at the time I first met Anila. As my mother had lived with a chronic illness for most of her life, I knew that any carer would have to be prepared not only to support mum's declining mental state but also be responsible for her physical and medical needs. Mum was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease in the late 1960's and had lost most of her small intestine. Mum's confusion and loss of self-confidence was diagnosed as Alzheimer's disease in 2014. Initially, Anila made sure that mum took her daily medications, boosted her self-confidence and kept doctor's appointments. She kept the house clean and would not let mum succumb to the effects of Alzheimer's, once it was formally diagnosed, encouraging her to continue playing bridge, play the piano and go shopping, all activities that mum loved and that she had stopped doing. As time went by mum's needs became more critical. She was diagnosed with cancer, which was caught early on thanks to the vigilance of Anila who noticed the early symptoms and had mum checked out immediately. Mum was given extra years of life because of this early intervention. In fact, on many occasions Anila noticed anomalies in mum's health that on her own, my mum would not have had treated. Anila not only took mum out and made sure she stayed engaged in the world, she also became an expert in her medical needs, putting up and disengaging mum's nightly drip, after being trained by the CLEA nurses, and advocating for my mum when she was in hospital, ensuring that the nurses were practicing due diligence. Anila spent many nights in the hospital, sitting next to mum's bed, holding her hand throughout the night. Eighteen months ago we had to downsize mum to a smaller home and Anila was able to transition mum smoothly in a situation that could have been highly distressing. Anita masterfully set up mum's new small flat, placing familiar items in close proximity to where they had been before and making sure everything was ready when mum moved in. Mum was soothed and reassured and called the flat her home from almost the first day. When mum died at home, which was her last wish, Anila was with her round the clock, barely sleeping so that mum would not be on her won in her final hours. Anila kept me up to date about every aspect of mum's life. At this I count Anila as a dear friend. She is an expert in caring for others and in learning what she needs to know in order to do this to the best of her ability. As my uncle said of Anila, "There's a special place In heaven for her". I cannot recommend Anila more highly. She is the most responsible, reliable and compassionate individual you could hope to meet.”



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Continence Management

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Medication Prompting

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Has driving licence


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Terminal Illness

Vascular Dementia





cooking, swimming, badminton, tennis, shopping

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