Bester M.


Can relocate

23 years of live-in care experience

About Bester M.

I have varied experience working as a carer within the UK. This has involved being a live in carer for the elderly with dementia, depression and chronic health conditions such as high blood pressure and arthritis. I have also worked as a carer on hospital wards, in residential and nursing homes across the UK. In the community, I have worked in day centres for the elderly engaging them in fun activities such as music, group exercises, gardening, playing bingo, puzzles and days out to animal parks and restaurants. My other carer experience involves working within the learning disability sector with the elderly, young adults and children with conditions such as down syndrome and autism. I eventually trained as registered nurse and then trained as a registered midwife. In both these roles, I have worked in the NHS, the UK private sector and volunteered abroad. At this point in my career I now work as a live in carer as I found it gives me the best platform to fully focus on one person, providing them with person centred care that is tailored to who they are, what they need and what they really love and want. Live in care has also given me the opportunity to tap into my vast knowledge and experience in the care industry.Working in this way has been very fulfilling for my clients and I and I absolutely love it. I am a great communicator both verbally, non-verbally and I possess great writing skills too! I am very patient and highly experienced working with the elderly from different cultural backgrounds, presenting with different medical and social needs. I enjoy helping clients with their daily grooming as it feels me with pride when they are happy and proud of how they look. I love engaging clients in activities like preparing meals, baking, doing laundry, grocery shopping and gardening. I enjoy watching the TV with clients, reading newspapers, books and magazines together. I love discussing current affairs and hearing stories from the past, listening to radio shows, going out to cafes together and taking outdoor walks. As a live in carer I have enjoyed recreational activities with a client, their family and friends. Such experiences have been enriching for all of us and these are priceless! Personally I enjoy the arts, reading, writing, talking, politics, singing, songwriting,the theatre, travelling to new places, being with my loved ones, meeting new people, learning about them and their cultures, walking, swimming and caring for pets especially dogs and cats! I am a young lady often described as a breath of fresh air. I am very flexible and can live and work anywhere in the UK so please get in touch with me and I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you very much for taking this time to get to know me and it will be my pleasure to know you too!

Training and education


  • Adult Nursing

    Middlesex University




Attending Appointments


Continence Management

Doing Errands

Doing Laundry

Dressing and Undressing

Eating and Drinking Assistance


Medication Prompting

Moving and Handling

Personal Assistance

Personal Grooming and Hygiene

Physical Activities


Specialist care

Dressing Wounds

Using a hoist


Alzheimer's Dementia




Cerebral Palsy




Eating Disorder


Insulin dependent (Type 1) Diabetes

Learning Disability

Multiple sclerosis

Non insulin dependent (Type 2) Diabetes

Orthopaedic Injuries


Parkinson's disease

Physical Disability

Rheumatoid Arthritis



Terminal Illness

Traumatic Brain Injury

Vascular Dementia

Visual Impairment





Writing, Current Affairs, Film, Tennis, Travelling, Photography, Gardening, Knitting, Playing puzzles

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