Member S.


Can relocate

19 years of live-in care experience

About Member S.

I have over 15 years of experience in providing care across a range of settings. I have worked in the role of care assistant, support worker and live-in carer and have gained invaluable experience in mental health hospitals, care homes for individuals with learning disabilities and in residential homes for individuals with challenging behaviour. I am knowledgeable and well equipped to provide care for a large range of needs and I can use my experience to inform my practice every day. I have gained all the essential skills needed to deliver care over my past 15 years of service, in particular my ability to assess, implement and evaluate care plans. Working across a range of settings has allowed me to problem solve, assess patients’ needs and work under pressure. For example, I was supporting an elderly client who has suffered a stroke and developed dementia. My role involved getting the patient washed, dressed and prepared for the day as well as aiding with shopping, bills and medication. I am always willing to go above and beyond for my clients whilst ensuring they are always treated with dignity and respect. Throughout my career I have developed my self-awareness and confidence. I can use my own initiative at work and make sure that both staff and clients are happy and comfortable. I can confidently give clients their medication and provide personalised care ensuring clients are always safe. I can work as part of a multidisciplinary team and find I work well with other people. My communication skills allow the team to work coherently together, as there is no room for miscommunication and all members of the team are listened to and supported. Throughout my career I have also gained some leadership skills. I can take the lead and deploy staff using my clear and concise communication skills. All members of my team always know I am there to support and help. My positive communication skills have allowed me to build strong positive relationships with colleagues, clients, their families and other professionals. This is a huge benefit as this ensures everybody is working together, aiming to reach the same shared goal. I have also developed my time management and organisation skills, both vital to providing care. I am always on time, and I can log and report both correctly and accurately. My biggest achievement is bringing my family to the United Kingdom and providing them with a good quality of life. I am so proud to have given my family the opportunity to be educated and to work.

Ok with cats or dogs


Attending Appointments



Continence Management

Doing Errands

Doing Laundry

Dressing and Undressing

Driving Licence (with Car)

Eating and Drinking Assistance

Light house keeping

Manual Handling

Meal Preparation

Medical Administration

Medication Prompting

Moving and Handling

Personal Assistance

Personal Grooming and Hygiene

Pet Companion


Wheelchair Assistance

Specialist care

Incontinence pad changes

Manual evacuation

Using a hoist


Has a driving license and a car

Has driving licence

Cuisine Speciality:

Ok to cook meat and fish

Signature dish:



Alzheimer's Dementia



Cerebral Palsy


Eating Disorder


Learning Disability

Parkinson's disease

Physical Disability


Vascular Dementia







I like to do gardening when the whether permits also like welding as this was my first job in my early twenties also like cooking

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