Brenda K.


Can relocate

13 years of live-in care experience

About Brenda K.

I am an experienced carer for 12years and I have supported clients with a variety of medical conditions such as dementia, stroke, cancer, palliative care and many more highlighted in my 'Condition experience'. I have also assisted them with personal care and other household duties required by the service user. A good carer has to have a passion and love for this job as it can be very challenging, You have to be understanding to the client and have empathy for them. I like to learn from others and try out new things so I engage my clients in activities that interest them such as sports, quizzes, board games, reading or taking walks etc. My individual style is person centred and holistic, it promotes independence, choice and dignity. I ensure that clients' personal hygiene is paramount, that they eat and drink well; are active within their capabilities and am also perceptive- I listen beyond the articulated. My role in healthcare has never been just a job for me, I really enjoy working directly with people. especially on a one to one basis where I have the time to build a good relationship, offer 100% support and make a difference in their lives. I find it very beneficial for families and is the reason I prefer to work in private care. I also find that the relationship can be rewarding for both parties. For me, it is not only about helping others but I have learned how to really communicate with people. I take my work very seriously but also promise to bring along a smile and a sense of humour.


Going for random walks , cooking and meeting new people. Watching reality programs documentaries

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