Maritha M.


Can relocate

9 years of live-in care experience

About Maritha M.

I really enjoy working as a carer because I like to meet people and help them where I can. I feel I am approachable, friendly and naturally caring. I am very perceptive to other peoples emotions and mood so this means I can adapt easily to situations and respond in a way that is helpful and reasonable. I also pick up on peoples health needs and changes in their ability so I am very quick to adapt my style of support to match the persons needs at that time. I am confident caring for people with all kinds of needs- anything from companionship to more high end support with mobility equipment and other aids. I think it is really important for the clients needs and wishes to be the driving force to shape their care package. I always allow choice and encourage involvement, even if it means that it will make the task take longer. I also encourage independence and have successfully got clients to be less dependent in my previous roles with continued support, encouragement and guidance. I promote health of clients by encouraging healthy eating, fresh air and sunlight or natural light and light exercise. I think it is important for people to enjoy their surroundings and be as involved in accessing the local community as possible. In my spare time, I enjoy shopping, cooking, reading and spending time with friends and family. Because these are all things I enjoy, I like to encourage my clients to take part in similar activities too to enrich their lives. I am available for work and willing to travel.

Ok with cats or dogs





Doing Errands

Doing Laundry

Dressing and Undressing

Driving Licence

Driving Licence (with Car)

Eating and Drinking Assistance

Live-In Care

Manual Handling

Meal Preparation

Medical Administration

Medication Prompting

Moving and Handling

Personal Assistance

Personal Grooming and Hygiene

Physical Activities



Has a driving license and a car

Has driving licence

Signature dish:



Alzheimer's Dementia



Learning Disability

No condition

Parkinson's disease





Reading, walking, shopping, playing games and cooking.

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