Chamaine D.


Can relocate

18 years of live-in care experience

About Chamaine D.

I have worked in care for 17 years and I am passionate about caring for people. I have worked in residential, supported living and home care settings. During this time I have supported adults with experience with learning difficulties, mental health, challenging behaviour, palliative, dementia and elderly care. I am particularly passionate about elderly/dementia care. My most recent role is supporting adults with challenging behaviour, learning difficulties and mental health issues. I helped people with personal care, medication administration, food preparation and nutrition, domestic tasks, attending appointments and social activities and is confident in supporting people in these areas. I also uses skills to de-escalate behaviour, manage emotion and expectations and resolve conflict. I found this quite tough at times because it is difficult to see people struggling with their emotions and not being able to do something to help directly but I appreciate that this is unfortunately part of the job and I feel I am very good with supporting people in this manner. I can manage all aspects of caring for someone including personal care, medication administration, assisting to run a house, meal planning and preparation, weekly shopping, attending appointments and accessing the local community to name a few. I am confident in my abilities to provide person centred care, revolving around open and effective communication, empathy, respect and teamwork.





Specialist care

Using a hoist


Alzheimer's Dementia

Parkinson's disease

Physical Disability


Vascular Dementia

Visual Impairment





Watching Tv, listening to music, shopping ,meeting new people & socialising

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