Ayan A.


Can relocate

6 years of live-in care experience

About Ayan A.

My style of caring for someone is attentive, nurturing and supportive. I make sure to read the clients care plan thoroughly before I meet them so I am aware of any medical needs before I arrive. This means when I first meet the client, I can fully concentrate my energy on getting to know them as a person. I think it is so important to sit and listen to whatever a person is happy to share with you because this gives you insight into their character, personality and what makes them who they are. Knowing this makes it possible to build a relationship and communicate with them effectively. One of my strengths is being in tune with a persons needs and wants. I like to involve the client in all aspects of their care, encouraging independence and enabling them to partake in tasks they can do, adapting tasks around the individuals abilities. I feel I am also very good at knowing when someone may need extra help- due to illness, mobility issues, emotional support or generally needing a little more care all round and I am very quick to respond to increased needs, involving any professional or person I need to to achieve this for the client. I am not afraid to ask for extra support if and when this is needed because it is absolutely key in making sure the clients care is person centred and meets all their needs. I really enjoy finding activities that will engage the client- I strongly believe having social input and doing activities to keep the mind active really help to improve someones mental wellbeing. I like to get the client involved with choosing meals and preparing food and I like to try new recipes and help them experience new tastes and flavours. Cooking is one of my favourite activities, alongside reading and learning about people. I am comfortable caring for people with cats and dogs.


Hometouch client


“Ayan is so lovely, she is like a fresh breath of air! Very jolly and chatty. Ayan has a wealth of knowledge, we are so impressed!”




Dressing and Undressing

Eating and Drinking Assistance

Medication Prompting

Moving and Handling

Personal Grooming and Hygiene



Alzheimer's Dementia






Insulin dependent (Type 1) Diabetes

Mild cognitive impairment

No condition

Non insulin dependent (Type 2) Diabetes

Orthopaedic Injuries

Parkinson's disease

Physical Disability

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Spinal Injury


Terminal Illness

Vascular Dementia

Visual Impairment




I enjoy learn, reading and cooking

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