Florence P.


Can relocate

8 years of live-in care experience

About Florence P.

Caring for someone to me isn’t just making sure that the care plan is carried out but also that the person being cared for feels that they are not alone. Although I have vast knowledge of technical details in caring for someone, the most important thing to me is that the person is supported, uplifted, happy and encouraged to maintain their independence. I pride myself on my people skills and feel I am very good at building a connection with a person by talking with them, taking an interest in their hobbies and also being honest and letting them know about my hobbies and interests too. I have been working as a carer for many years and I love my job today as much as I did on my first day. I think this is what makes me a good carer as I am passionate about my job. I am an experienced Carer, with experience in anything from companionship roles to high end care. I also have experience moving and handling equipment, with constant monitoring and with working with medical professionals closely to make sure the person I am supporting has all their needs met. am very thorough, making sure all help needed is in place, considering safety measures as well as supporting the individual’s own independence. I am aware of and attentive to a persons basic needs and make sure these are met at all times so they can concentrate on activities they enjoy and enriches their life. I am not comfortable with pets.

Ok with cats or dogs


Hometouch client


“My Mother got on very well with the relief carer , Florence Palia, when our current carer was on holiday for 4 weeks recently , and we were impressed by her skills. We found her very adaptable and kind and she made an easy connection to mum in a short time. If she is available as a relief carer again, we would be happy for her to return.”




Dressing and Undressing

Eating and Drinking Assistance

Meal Preparation

Medication Prompting

Moving and Handling

Personal Assistance

Personal Grooming and Hygiene


Specialist care

Using a hoist

Ok to cook meat and fish

Signature dish:



Alzheimer's Dementia






Insulin dependent (Type 1) Diabetes

Learning Disability

Mild cognitive impairment

No condition

Non insulin dependent (Type 2) Diabetes

Parkinson's disease



Terminal Illness

Vascular Dementia




Cooking, travelling , cleaning , walking , shopping, a capable carer

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