Admiral Nurses are specialist nurses trained to provide support for people and families affected by dementia. Admiral nursing gets its name from ‘Admiral Joe’ Levy, founder of Dementia UK and a keen sailor. They can work in a number of environments – in the community as NHS staff, or hospitals, hospices and care homes.

What is an admiral dementia nurse?

An admiral nurse can provide practical support on different elements of dementia care. Whether that’s sharing behaviour management and communication techniques or providing advice on coping strategies for family members.

Admiral nursing teams operate across England and Wales. Dementia UK have a map for you to find your local team. You can get in touch with the Admiral Nurse Dementia Helpline by emailing or by calling 0800 888 6678.

Dementia UK have a great video section on their website, where you can find advice videos on lots of common issues that arise in dementia. From day-to-day symptom management to carer support, they’re absolutely worth a watch.

It’s worth noting that Admiral Nurses don’t typically work as primary carers, their role is much more focused on giving emotional support and practical advice to families.

How much do admiral nurses cost?

Typically admiral nurses are provided by the charity Dementia UK but some services with admiral nurses will charge for this service.

Admiral Nurse jobs

At Hometouch, we do not offer admiral nurse jobs but provide dementia trained carers who can offer more hands-on, day-to-day support with specialist dementia training. We are a live in care specialist, so if you have someone close to you in need of specialist dementia care, speak to a Hometouch Care Advisor today to find out how we can help.

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Are admiral nurses free of charge?

Admiral nurses offered by charity services such as Dementia UK are often free of charge.

Dr Jamie WilsonFounder and Chief Medical Officer at Hometouch

Dr Jamie Wilson is hometouch’s founder and Chief Medical Officer. Jamie’s creation of hometouch was inspired by his work as a dementia psychiatrist in the NHS, and he has written about healthcare issues in The Times and the Evening Standard. Jamie has a MBBS from the University of Leeds and has spent a decade in the NHS, working as a Psychiatric Registrar and Memory Specialist at Imperial College Hospital.

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