Personal Health Budgets

control over care
Dr. Jamie Wilson talks about the introduction of Personal Health Budgets, the positive impacts it may have and the various oppositions to the change. Personal Health Budgets and the medical establishment In April this year (2014), 56,000 patients receiving NHS continuing care will be among the first to receive personal health budgets. In September 2014, …

How to plan a granny annexe

Granny annexe
Planning a granny annexe requires consideration of: the nature of your home, tax and financial implications, and long-term suitability. Planning to move your parents or other elderly relatives into your existing property can be a challenge. However, it can have significant benefits in terms of being able to provide better care, and can reduce the …

Battling the Loneliness Epidemic

Loneliness in old age
As your elderly loved ones age they inevitably lose lifetime friends and close family members, which can leave them feeling both bereft and isolated. Isolation and loneliness in older people are growing problems in the UK.  The number of people living longer is increasing and so is the time that they are spending alone. Isolation …

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