How much is overnight care for the elderly?

Caring for a loved one is hard at the best of times, but what about when you go to sleep? Elderly people can be restless at night as they may need to use the bathroom, and if they have dementia, the early hours are prime time for wandering. This can cause concern that may affect your ability to get a good night's sleep.

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The cost of overnight care

Why overnight care?

An overnight carer can make a huge difference to your ability to function on a daily basis, by allowing you to relax and recharge your batteries.

Overnight care rates

Prices for care always vary according to the needs of your loved one, and overnight care comes in two categories, sleeping night care, and waking night care. If you're interested in the cost of different types of care, take a look at our page, understanding the cost of care.

Sleeping night care

Sleeping night care means that a carer should be available in case of an incident, but that they don’t need to be awake and alert at all times.

This care is best for those who are mostly alright during the night, but, for instance, may need help getting to the toilet.

The needs of your loved one will determine the price, but we have overnight carers who could charge in the region of £80 per night, which works out at £10 per hour.

Waking night care

If your loved one requires closer supervision, a waking night carer will be awake all night, either sitting in the room of your loved one, or staying alert in a room nearby, whatever the preference.

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Inevitably, waking night care is more expensive as the carer will be unable to work during the day, so will need to earn their full wage during the night shift.

Waking night care is usually charged at the carer’s hourly rate. For example, if the carer charges £15 per hour, and you need them for 8 hours, you will need to pay at least £120 per night.

Prices will change depending on the number of hours required. If you need the carer to help with the bedtime and morning routines, then you may require 10-12 hours of care. Therefore the price you pay per night will have to reflect this.

At hometouch, we offer a variety of different care options – including overnight care. We're also able to arrange overnight care with a live-in carer or carers, depending on requirements. Find out what hometouch can do to help your loved one live happily and safely at home. Speak to a hometouch Care Advisor today.

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