The best way to find a private carer is to work out your needs, be honest about what’s involved, know your budget, and be clear about the carer’s responsibilities.

How do I find the best private carer?

Finding the right live-in carer can be stressful. Trust and expertise must combine with a personality fit, to ensure a lasting relationship. We understand the importance of getting it right, which is why we have a rigorous selection process that ends with only the best private carers being admitted to our carer library. Although we do what we can to support you in the process of finding a carer, we know that only you can make this decision, so here are our top tips to help you find the best private carer, who will keep your loved one safe in their own home.

1.What are your needs?

Before you even start looking for a trusted live in care, it’s a good idea to sit down and think about your needs.

  • Do you need help at certain times of the day?
  • What do you need help with most?
  • What would you like to achieve for your loved one, and how can a carer help?
  • Are you flexible on the days the carer comes in?
  • Is this an ongoing requirement, or do you just need a carer for a fixed amount of time?

2. Honesty is the best policy

Don’t be worried about discussing complex care and what you need help with day to day. Often people can be embarrassed about incontinence or wandering but you need to be honest in terms of the level of care you need.
Finding the trusted live in care requires your honesty and genuineness.

You will only find the right carer to suit your needs if you are open and honest about the help you require.

3. Budget

It’s important to think about what the family can afford and consider potential financial support that might be available to you and/or your loved one.

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You should have a Care Needs Assessment, which can be arranged via your local social services.

4. Carer Checks

If you are employing a carer privately, there are some checks you must carry out:

  • What qualifications do they have?
  • Are they entitled to legally work in the UK?
  • Make sure they have at least 2 references
  • Get a copy of their enhanced DBS check (formally known as a CRB)

A company like HomeTouch will carry out these checks for you. We also interview all of our carers face-to-face and put them through rigorous scenario testing.

5. Expertise

Has the carer worked with other people that had similar care needs? Do they have specific experience? This is extremely important for complex care needs.

With HomeTouch you can find the answers to these questions by visiting a carer’s profile, and if you need further information you can message that carer directly through the site.

6. Trial

Let’s face it, you never know if you’ll get on with a person until you spend time together, that’s why blind dates are so hit-and-miss! The key to getting trusted live in care is trial. For this reason, we always advise that you have a care trial before committing to a long-term arrangement. It’s so important to assess whether their experience and expertise match your requirements in reality, not just on paper.

Continuity of care is key. From the trial can you see yourself having a lasting care relationship?

7. Fair terms and conditions

It’s no secret that many carers are demotivated by poor pay and difficult conditions. Ensuring that your carer is paid fairly and rewarded for their work will mean that you have a carer who is and remains committed and happy.

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HomeTouch matches those in need with self-employed carers, ensuring carers are paid above the living wage and rewarded for their hard work and skills, while keeping the cost of care lower than most private agencies.

8. Responsibilities

If you are employing a private carer directly, you will have both legal and financial responsibilities:

A) Employment contract

  • specific tasks
  • hours
  • holidays
  • salary

B) National living wage payment, with tax and National Insurance deducted monthly

C) Paid holiday and sick leave

D) Employer’s liability insurance

E) Access to a pension

This can seem overwhelming, especially if you’ve never done it before. If you are worried, HomeTouch is here and we’re happy to help you get a trusted live in care. You can search for a carer in your local area, or contact a member of our team directly via telephone or email.

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