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Jun 20, 2018 3 min

Benefits of holidays for elderly people with disabilities

A holiday can be a great way to rest, recharge the batteries and have fun. Age and infirmity do not have to be a barrier to having a holiday, but it can take a little planning and preparation. As spring…

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Aug 7, 2017 3 min

Who Gets Disability Care?

Anyone can get private home care, but those who are affected by a long term illness or a disability might be entitled to benefits to help them pay for the care they need. Who gets disability care? Anyone can get home care. There are many different types of care, and you can choose to hire a private carer for as much or as little time as you need to make your life better and safer. But if you have a disability you may be entitled to benefits that will help you to pay for the care you need. Benefit calculators You can find out how much you’re entitled to by using an independent benefits calculator: Age UK Entitledto These will provide information about income-related benefits, tax credits, Council Tax reduction, carer’s allowance, universal credit, and how work will affect your claim. Before you start, you will need to gather accurate information…

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Jun 28, 2017 3 min
Care for the disabled

What is Disability Care?

  Disability care at home is simply practical help with anything from everyday tasks like housework and bathing, to assistance with complex needs. Specially trained disability carers can be employed to come into the home and lend a hand. Good…

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