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/ / 21 Aug, 2014

What is the best simple tablet for the elderly?

The most simple tablet for elderly users will probably be the most simple tablet for every user. Good tablet design is intuitive, it’s app design that can make things more complicated. What is the best simple tablet for the elderly? What are the important characteristics when looking for a simple tablet for older people? Easy …

/ 19 Aug, 2014

The Top 6 Reasons Elderly People Don’t Take Medication

By not adhering to an often complex combination of treatments, patients can unwittingly expose themselves to a number of health risks. Compliance, or adherence, to a medication regime can prove to be a problem for your elderly loved one, for a variety of reasons. But when elderly people don’t take medication that has been prescribed to …

13 May, 2014

Elderly Driving Issues

Elderly driving issues can be caused by medical conditions and specific treatments, issues with hearing and sight, and reduced reaction times. Elderly driving issues – is your parent safe? Older drivers are equally capable of driving as younger people and according to road safety statistics are safer on the road. However, according to the Royal Society …

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