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/ / 1 Oct, 2018

Brain health food – effect of diet on dementia

The food we eat is more than just fuel, it’s essential for the healthy function of our hearts, our bodies and our brains – so what is brain food? The Greek philosopher Hippocrates said ‘let food be our medicine’ and modern medical research is proving him right. There’s increasing awareness that the development of vascular …

What is mixed dementia?

Although people tend to use the terms dementia and Alzheimer’s disease interchangeably, there are many different causes for the brain damage associated with the condition. Repeated small strokes, Parkinson’s disease and metabolic disorders like diabetes or thyroid disease can also cause a decline in the ability to think, remember, communicate and reason, that are typical …

/ 20 Sep, 2018

Can dementia be cured?

Frustratingly, medical science has so far been unable to find a cure for dementia. The truth is that there is unlikely to be a single ‘silver bullet’ to treat the condition because the brain damage of dementia is caused by many different diseases. However, research is continuing aimed at reducing risk factors, slowing down the …

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