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Oct 7, 2021 4 min

The Negative Health Effects of Loneliness Among The Elderly

“Human beings are social creatures” – this sentence is probably one of the most common definitions describing people. As such, we often take the presence of others for granted. However, loneliness is a serious issue among people regardless of their age, gender, and ethnicity. Speak to one of our knowledgeable care advisers about Hometouch’s high quality live-in care service Book call Tell us your care needs The COVID-19 pandemic forced societies worldwide into long periods of social isolation and social distancing, which prompted a discussion about the fact of feeling lonely and its possible consequences. Loneliness is a health concern that’s been present for a long time, yet it’s still rarely discussed. It’s especially problematic for the elderly, a social group that’s affected by it the most. Even though loneliness is perceived as a feeling, it has real-life consequences on human health. There are numerous studies that focus on the…

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Jun 14, 2018 3 min
Loneliness in older people

Loneliness and depression in older people

Getting older can be difficult and lonely. The death of friends and loved ones can limit your social circle. In fact, nearly half of all people over 75 live alone. Disability, dementia or disease can make it a challenge to…

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Mar 18, 2013 5 min
Loneliness in old age

Battling the Loneliness Epidemic

As your elderly loved ones age they inevitably lose lifetime friends and close family members, which can leave them feeling both bereft and isolated. Isolation and loneliness in older people are growing problems in the UK.  The number of people…

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