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How does a person die from dementia?

Can dementia kill? Alzheimer’s disease doesn’t just make you forgetful. It’s a serious, progressive condition which is, eventually, terminal. Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia have now overtaken heart disease to become the leading cause of death in England and Wales. The brain is responsible for more than thought, memory and understanding. It controls our …

25 Apr, 2019

Rapidly progressive dementia

Dementia is a progressive condition, meaning that it gets worse over time. The speed of deterioration differs between individuals. Age, general health and the underlying disease causing brain damage will all affect the pattern of progression. However, for some people the decline can be sudden and rapid. The deterioration of dementia is usually slow and …

/ 20 Apr, 2019

Why Arthritis Hurts

Pain in arthritis is caused by mechanical stimuli – as the joint is damaged, thermal stimuli – as friction and swelling causes heat, and chemical stimuli – as tissue damage causes chemicals in the joint to change. What causes pain? Pain is caused when your senses detect harm to your body. This detection causes neurons …

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