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Choosing a Carer
Jan 10, 2017 3 min

How Do I Find The Best Private Carer?

The best way to find a private carer is to work out your needs, be honest about what’s involved, know your budget, and be clear about the carer’s responsibilities. How do I find the best private carer? Finding the right…

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Dec 29, 2016 2 min
Driving with dementia

Night time care or overnight care

Night time care, or overnight care, is care given to a loved one throughout the night. This often involves help using the bathroom, prevention from wandering caused by dementia, and keeping a loved one settled during the night when they might…

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Oct 21, 2016 2 min

The Advantages of Male Carers

We still have deeply entrenched ideas about who provides care, but male carers can provide physical strength, as well as gentility, patience, and understanding in a caregiving role. Speak to one of our knowledgeable care advisers about Hometouch’s high quality…

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Speak to one of our knowledgeable care advisers about Hometouch’s high quality live-in care service
Aug 11, 2016 3 min

How To Care For Someone With Multiple Sclerosis

If you’re caring for someone with multiple sclerosis, you will need to help with movement and mobility, frequency, and pain relief. How to care for someone with multiple sclerosis Caring for someone with multiple sclerosis can be demanding physically, mentally and emotionally. However, with support you can meet the challenges and help your loved one manage the stress and symptoms of the disease. A diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (MS) can be devastating for the individual and frightening for family and friends. The disease can be unpredictable, so it can be difficult to predict care needs. Your loved one may have dramatic mood swings and may become depressed as they grieve for the life they had planned or anxious about an uncertain future. With a little help and guidance, you can support your loved one and help them adjust to the physical and emotional challenges ahead. Movement and mobility Weakness, muscle…

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Jul 29, 2016 4 min
elderly care options

Breaking down Elderly Care Options

Elderly care options include day centres, home care, residential care, and care homes. These terms can sound similar, but the choices are diverse. Breaking down Elderly Care Options The care options for looking after an elderly parent can seem confusing, and…

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Jun 8, 2016 3 min

Social Services Carer’s Assessment

If you care for someone who needs your support and help to carry out everyday tasks, your local authority can assess your needs so that you get the rest and respite you need to maintain your own health and wellbeing.…

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Jun 8, 2016 4 min
private home help

Private Home Care

Getting help at home can allow your loved one to live safely in their own home for longer. With the right support and assistance, through live in care specialists, they can maintain their wellbeing, their independence and their dignity. Private…

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Jun 6, 2016 4 min
how to find the right home carer

Finding Reliable Adult Care Services

You will need to look for experience, qualifications, eligibility to work in the UK, references and, above all, how they interact with your loved one.  Finding reliable adult care services Placing the person you love in the care of someone…

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Apr 29, 2016 3 min
dementia support services

I Need a Carer For My Parent

Deciding that you might need a carer for your parent is a big step. Find out about how to face the difficulties and how to wade through the options. I need a carer for my parent It might be that…

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