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25 Aug, 2017

Top Gadgets for Self-Care

The top gadgets for self-care include: the long reach toilet aid, the foot cleaning mat, the pill dispenser, the zip-pull and button aid, and clothes from The Abel Label. The Importance of Self-Care Helping your loved one to remain independent is what we’re all about. It might be that you’ve already looked into the possibility of …

Carer Depression

Carer depression is brought on by the constant stress, anxiety, and sometimes guilt, that come with providing care for a loved one. What is carer depression? Most carers will suffer from depression at some stage as a result of their caring duties. When you’re down, you may feel helpless and hopeless, but with support you …

/ / 6 Dec, 2016

Dementia and the importance of meaningful activities

Meaningful activities are of the utmost importance to those living with dementia. Dementia can cause people to withdraw from activities and enjoyable interaction with family and friends so it’s important to try and maintain those relationships and interests to help people living with dementia lead a better and more enjoyable quality of life. There are …

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