Articles written by Dr Jane Gilbert

/ 14 Mar, 2019

Managing wandering in dementia

When an individual with dementia wanders, they’re at risk of accidents, injuries and even death. Wandering is defined as: ‘A tendency to move about either in a seemingly aimless or disoriented fashion, or in pursuit of an indefinable or unobtainable goal.’ Confusion, disorientation, boredom and loneliness can all precipitate wandering in someone affected by dementia. …

/ 6 Feb, 2019

Commissioning care for people with complex needs

Improvements in healthcare and living standards mean that people in the UK are living longer. However, chronic conditions, disease and disability mean that the number of elderly with complex needs is also increasing. Meeting the care requirements of these older people, and ensuring they live comfortably and safely, is a challenge for commissioners. We’re here …

22 Jan, 2019

Commissioning home care

The population is aging, which creates a growing demand for staff to care for the elderly and puts a drain on resources. Budgets are tight, which together with the number of older individuals affected by disease, disability and dementia means that it’s challenging for care commissioners to commission the quality care needed to ensure that …

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