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/ 8 Aug, 2021

Dementia and Eating Problems: Why Do Dementia Patients Stop Eating?

People with dementia can have problems eating, drinking, swallowing, and chewing food. Caregivers and family members of people living with dementia need to be aware of these potential challenges when caring for them at home. There are many ways to address this problem, with some of them being medication adjustments, diet changes, or even simply …

/ 8 Aug, 2021

Benefits of Live-in Care for Dementia Patients

Dementia is a condition that affects the brain and can lead to memory loss, difficulties with communication, and problems with spatial awareness. As it progresses, people with dementia will need more care from their family members or caregivers to manage day-to-day tasks. Alzheimer’s is the most widespread form of dementia, affecting 50 to 75% of …

/ 8 Aug, 2021

What is aggressive behaviour in dementia?

Aggression is a common challenging behaviour seen in dementia patients. Aggressive dementia can manifest in the physical or verbal form. Physically, patients may attack the caregiver. They can hit and throw objects, kick, pinch and scratch, bite and pull hair. Verbally, they may become abusive and curse, yell insults and threaten the caregiver. This behaviour …

14 Jul, 2021

Live-in Dementia Care or Care Homes: What’s the Difference?

People with dementia, as well as their loved ones, struggle with a variety of problems on a daily basis. The affected person experiences issues with their cognition and memory, which is confusing and frightening, while the family and friends around them need to stay vigilant, caring and attentive. More often than not, dementia comes with …

/ 24 Sep, 2020

Live-in carer in London – finding the right match

The three main ways to find a London live in carer: going through an agency, engaging a self-employed carer, or using an introductory agency like Hometouch. Hometouch’s live in care London service was recently rated “Good” by the CQC. Hometouch is one of the most trusted live in care companies in London Would you like to know …

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